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I do not know 100%, but I was looking into the same thing recently. From reviewing seat heights, I'm thinking NO they are not lowered.

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In Ohio, off-road bikes did not have titles until 1999. To get a title for a pre-1999 model there is a process to follow, VIN inspection, some paperwork, and of course some fees, and you get a title made. You would need to research the process for your ... more »

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blue lens for everywhere all the time

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SLF Motion Husqvarna FC450
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Surprised to read the wet weight on the bike of 244. That's only a 3lb loss from 2020 model with dual exhaust. I thought for sure they were going to knock about 10-12lbs off the bike with the re-design.

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It pains me greatly to say this as I have 20 Suzukis in the garage and have ridden RMZ450's since 2006.....BUT...... I just bought a brand new leftover Husky FC450 and there is no comparison. The Husky is leaps and bounds least for me.

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Exactly, MOST does not mean ALL. I know several VETs that are racing older model CRF and possibly CR 2 strokes.

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Interesting that they say "ALL" Honda riders get $250, however it is a payment through their contingency program which states only 2019 and newer models are eligible.

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Yes he was injured before the Mid East Regional and was not able to attend.

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As stated, those are cover and plug for when removing tank. No, gas does not pour out when you disconnect, these extras are simply to keep dirt out of the connection/line.

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Correct. If you come and go each day it's $40 per carload and there is a special day tripper parking area you have to park in.

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2013 - 2014 RMZ450 has SFF spring. 2015-2017 has SFF TAC. RMZ250 had SFF spring 2013-2055, then KYB air. I doubt anything from those generations would be a fit. The 2005 - 2012 RMZ had 47mm Showas, same as last generation RM125/RM250, however they were ... more »

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C'mon man, no way.... If Roczen was there on a factory KTM he would have won.....OH WAIT... If Dungey or RV were racing they would have beat Stew.....OH WAIT... If Barcia wasn't on that junk pig Yamaha he would have won....OH WAIT... I know.....TOMAC!!! ... more »

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what is the end result as far as overall weight? there are mentions of lb savings here and there but no end weight.

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Hey the Kaws finally come with fatbars!

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Cool video. I rode an Alta at a demo day and loved it. One question though -- sand? That looked like baked out dirt in most areas in the vid. Of course I've never been there.

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Yes, but you should assume you will need to send the cylinder off to be re-plated, which is $250.

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Another interesting situation is Rice Eccles is an outdoor stadium....what if they get a week of rain? I mean I sure hope not....but...

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Nice video. Only item is that you should make it clear that this is only for shocks that do not require vacuum bleed.

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