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You couldn't sell a brand new in crate 84 RM250 for that price.

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The other interesting thing is that only the Japanese brands pay to put their logos on the back drop of the podium. I guess KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas don't need to pay to advertise on the backdrop since they usually end up with their bikes up there.

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New ARMA supplements are good stuff. Their "Reload" smoothies are awesome and I use the FIRE drink almost daily too. Scott Septovic was at Daytona RCSX 2020 with an ARMA table passing out samples. Cool guy, enjoyed talking to him.

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KTMaction lol. I wish I was young enough to just think they were biased to KTM because they rate them tops the last 5 years or so. Sadly, I'm old enough to remember they used to be called: YamaAction HondaAction I'm also old enough to remember Suzukis ... more »

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My favorite moment was pinching off Jeff Stanton in the first turn last year in one of my classes and holding him off for a whole straight before he railed past me and disappeared LOL.

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Suzuki did the same for the "Full Floater" logo from 83-85. Printed directly on the swingarm, not a sticker.

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I just picked up a CRF250f (the trail bike version) for wife. The thing had grease oozing out from everywhere, I actually had to wipe off all the oozing grease from the steering stem, pivots, and even the kickstand. First time I've ever bought a bike ... more »

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Also, don't forget you set the oil height with the emulator installed. But, you want to fill forks with oil without emulator and bleed them out properly, then install emulator. If you try to bleed with emulator in there it will just push the emulator ... more »

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When you put your code in at the DVS page it will give you recommended options on oil weight, level, etc. Likely 15wt and around 120-130 mm. There is really not a whole lot of settings involved with the emulators though. You will always drill out the ... more »

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It's actually interesting when you look at the websites for the bike manufacturers and look at other countries. For example, Suzuki still sells the TS185! Just not in US.

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Doubt you will see it in the USA. They have a 250 also that does not get imported. KTM has DUKE models that match this as well that do not come to US.

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I had a set for my 91, they were Acerbis and I found them on Ebay. I doubt they still make them, they were NOS. You probably just have to keep an eye out for something that pops up.

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I couldn't help but laugh last year with everyone putting brand new tires on just to completely torch them on the pavement part....I came down with old tires, and finished burning them out at DITD (at least on Friday practice since it was cancelled after ... more »

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Quit making tracks with such short lap times. Try to keep the lap times in the mid to high 50's so they aren't doing 26 lap main events and lapping near the top 10. Less lappers, Issue solved.

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Vapor blast is amazing. I find myself in the shop just looking for anything I can toss in there and blast! Funny -- I also follow you on IG and never realized this was you on here until you posted this thread!

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I think SX is on Wide World of Sports for 2021

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So how do I get Peacock on Firestick? Not listed as a supported device on their list......

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Best stuff out there!

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Yosh baby!

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I got the same bike in August and have 17 hrs on it so far. LOVE IT. Suspension is very soft, but that's ok. I needed a stiffer spring on the back, which RMATVMC has in stock OEM. I run this oil: ... more »