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Hannah Man

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That was great. What a Legend.

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Started new thread Anyone else see this? The Ziesel ground squirrel- Tank Chair = "MXChair" 11/3/2018 9:35 AM

David Bailey could win again! Look at the roost! https://youtu.be/CNO4-qcD45s The Yamaha Version

The Honda Version The Kawi Version The Ziesel ... more »

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Herlings can "Being" whatever he wants So... STFU..LOL.

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That post made me login for this reply....Awesome job!

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F**K! So bummed for him, yea he won me over last year , joined the K-Rock fan club alright. How can this be? Wish it was "fake news" though.

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Yea. I attended that and though it was excellent. A lot more entertaining than the usual run of the mill super-cross!

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A realistic response to your question,no. To hit it out of the ballpark,absolutely not. I will mention in support (sort of) "The Industry", there is nothing else quite like but it is a little one dimensional. Don't confuse love for moto with working ... more »

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I think if I was Chad Reed and watched this a few times...I would be ready to line up! https://youtu.be/eJgVNxu-4TI

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Maybe i'm late to the party here, I did not realize O'mara stopped. I always see O'mara at the races in and around Martin in the pits, so I assumed.

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Martins been training with O'mara for a while now, with great results.

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I wonder if O'mara will still be around?

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I really admire your skills passion and total dedication (determination) on this build/project. I got to hand it to you, you have more skills and research creativity than money could buy! I caution you strongly here. The engine vibration will start to ... more »

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Agree. An ICON period.

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I wish you a quick and painless recovery. Got a get more biscuits.

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Bingo! Brain injury should be taken seriously, especially by James himself. These types of injuries/damage are not reversible. I would walk away. the fans will understand and James will realize later being able to walk is more important than a MX racing ... more »

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That is a big difference in your times. I would tell you the only way to go fast is to be completely relaxed. Getting relaxed can be hard on race day. Can you be in race mode on practice day? what happens to your lap times then?

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I got some,..gonna dig-gem up!

Added reply in a thread Anyone got any late 80's Honda Land Pics? 5/19/2016 6:59 PM

Yes! EPIC! I should have taken the time to have some photos taken of my Honda Land adventures as I launched up and off the same jumps. I sometimes ran into a few security people over the years and even evaded the authority on many occasions. (they were ... more »

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Pay attention. The moto gods don't want to see that happen again.