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I've tons of respect for Facchetti. That kid had e freak accident. He got ran over by a van and got squished between the van and the concrete wall. He was critical for some days and stayed in Hospital for weeks.

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Do you mean Nicole Cesa or is it one of those others like Carrie Bolling, Cynthia Magana,... A photo posted by Cynthia Magana (@cynnmagana) on May 27, 2016 at 12:23pm PDT

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Did they went to Hooters afterwards to trow a party?

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We did it yesterday when the 450 where racing. The outcome was +9 minutes and we left the last one out. (Between the post race interviews). Be happy that you can watch the racing now. The F1, NASCAR, INDYCAR has also commercial breaks.

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He did all things he should've done, he said on the interview. Did he mean that on the track or at Hooters?

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If he blew a sealing (dunno if that is the technical term) you are done. I know a lot of WP riders have that problem with the 2017 KTM bikes. So I guess this is something similar.

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Pictures? Instagram?

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Canard goes to BTO. Fly did some talking, read trowed some money. Andrew Short' Fly Budget will go to BTO, so BTO can sign Canard and keep Brayton and Bloss. Strong team if you ask me. Maybe Brayton turns into Millsaps dunno. But then again strong team ... more »

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Supercross is an total different ball game then Motocross. But 'not making the night show' is just idiotic patriotism talking. So Yeah Herlings should make the night show and even the main. I'm no big fan of the persona Herlings and his 'sandbagging' ... more »

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But what is so wrong with that questions. If you ask that politely and they don't wanna talk about it they will say that. Sometimes it is a relief for those guys to ask THAT QUESTION. So he can set those things straight, finely straight!

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To be honest, I hope he stays in 2017. But last season, at the GP of Lommel in August, they were saying he was racing MX2 in 2016 and he would go to Anaheim1 and maybe even Phoenix. Things can change quickly if you can catch an replacement rider of Febvre's ... more »

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People who are trying to argue with the fact that Luongo made things a lot more professional at the races, are retards. After the race the top 3 are there, all at the same time, just like at the F1 or MotoGP. Also the winners from the EMX classes are ... more »

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If you think about it there are a ton of fast brothers...

Kyle and Kurt Busch Thomas and Adrien Chareyre Hayden Brothers Marc & Alex Marquez. (Here testing the MotoGP bike from his brother) Sebastian ... more »
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Tonus is looking for a ride period.

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In Australia you've got the Moss Brothers and they are no slouches either and you've got also the Lawrence brothers. Hunter riding the EMX250 class and little brother Jett racing the 85cc class.

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I believe that it isn't the Suzuki, but then he needs to look at all the other things around him. Maybe it is time to work with (an other) trainer, food coach, mental coach, ... Just to change things up a bit. A new look at things from the outside works ... more »

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James Stewart should think about the following options. Does he wanna race the Suzuki till the end of his career? The Suzuki works with other riders, but it clearly isn't clicking with him. Does he wanna keep racing period? Does he wanna stay working ... more »

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Buy yourself an raspberry pi 3 Kodi mediaplayer, or another mediaplayer with Kodi on it at DealeXtreme . Download the official AMA Motosport app on it and then, as American, you can probably watch the races live. Kodi has also tons of developers creating ... more »