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Reply to THE DUDE to root for - At Ironman this weekend. 8/22/2019 8:53 AM

I’ve known Derek since we were kids and raced against him back in the day and also currently. He will give it 100% and nothing less and have fun doing it. Good luck Derek.

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Sorry for your loss. R.I.P. 471

Reply to Vet Class Riders.......What are you running and why? Pics please!?!?!? 7/24/2019 8:24 AM

81 YZ465 because I love the old school stuff. I’m old and slow now. I love to line up against the newer bikes. Having a lot of fun now.

Reply to Your Starting Gate Experiences....? 7/22/2019 9:53 AM

I remember a track that had a trench to put your front tire into and a red and green light. When the green light came on you took off. I don’t remember anyone that jumped the light.

Reply to Spring Creek MX - Main Races Bench Racing 7/20/2019 1:11 PM

Anyone else’s app picture not clear? Fuzzy

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New thread 3 Bike Trailer 12/9/2018 6:26 PM

Looking to purchase a 3 rail bike trailer. Have been looking for mfg’s for them but have come up empty. Anyone know of a good one?

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Reply to Bell helmets 9/11/2018 6:00 PM

Just my luck

New thread Bell helmets 9/11/2018 5:08 PM

Does anyone know if all Bell helmets are have the same shell size? My son is giving me his Moto 9 helmet which is a Large. I wear an XXL. I know I can purchase a liner and cheek pads but need to make sure that It will change over. I know that the 6D ... more »

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Reply to Pawn Shop Find (18' TC 125) 8/4/2018 11:21 AM

Nice find

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Chad Reed checking to make sure my sons oil plug was

Reply to How many years have you been riding/going to races? 5/5/2018 6:28 AM

47 for myself 1st Race was on a Honda CT70 next week my dad got me a JT1 Yamaha 60. Been hooked ever since the first race.

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Just had to have it. lol

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Getting there. Waiting on the wheels and forks to get

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Who’s the red flag for?

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Now it’s apart. Time to get some parts

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Thanks. I’ll be making me a list soon. It has a 490 bottom end in it.

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