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Kinda like one I saw on Facebook the other day.....a Husqvarna Cagiva for sale??

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2005 Kx250
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Now to find a 99-02 KX 125/250 without spending an arm and leg. Geezz people are asking too much for a clapped out bike.

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I have all of the issues except for #4. Those were awesome!!!

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Thanks for sharing that story! I love the 2 stroke 125 bikes. I'm trying to find a used one that is not clapped out right now to restore.

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I was there for that race!! It was so hot that day the track crew was spraying water at all the fans on both sides of the track.

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As ridiculous as this may sound, but could someone or company potentially 'buyout' the company to get it going again? Yes I am aware that would quite a bit of $$$ to do so. But if a 'buyer' can re-develop the brand and make that commitment, we could ... more »

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Who will jump ship to join this team next season since Ferrandis and McElrath will be moving to the 450's next season? And go...…...

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Please tell your son we are ALL thinking about him. How long will he bein the hospital? I was thinking if you could provide an address we here at Vital MX could send him some "get well soon' cards and whatever else anyone would like to send him during ... more »

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Just enjoy the fact that WE have racing again while a lot of other sports are still not taking place. OUR sport is thriving right now. Enjoy the ride my friend. There's never a better time to be involved in motocross than now.

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That's what I was about to say!!!

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I just ran across a 2001 Yamaha YZF 250 for $900. Owner says it has 'sucked a valve. and he doesn't want to fix it. It looks good but is it worth?

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I don't have either system but I would go buy one if I won!

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Watching my first supercross on TV seeing Mark Barnett (my hero), Broc Glover, Jeff Ward, Mike Bell, Bob Hannah, Kent Howerton, etc. I didn't play any sports except for running track at school. Feel in love with racing motocross and wanted to learn everything ... more »

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You guys are very fortunate to have the support from your wives and family to go riding/racing. Mine was never supportive of it. I did have a Yamaha PW50 for my daughter but she outgrew it and never wanted another one when she crashed it. I raced for ... more »

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I want!!! how much? $$$

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2005 KX125

How do you get the restyle kit to fit the same areas that the 10mm bolts were previously. Maybe a dumb question to ask....

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That was the first bike I ever wanted when I got into motocross! What was the cost back then....$1,200-$1,500??

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Yes I do!!