Added reply in a thread KTM 50cc engine cut out while I was on a big ride 6/21/2021 9:25 AM

Send it to Terry Varner so no one will ever have to see it again.

Added reply in a thread Fork adjuster under handlebar 6/18/2021 5:29 PM

Idk, i have them on my sherco and they definitely click. They're awesome actually. Pretty sure its the same part number as YZ adjusters

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Cool good to hear. Yeah i’m riding E-town and Field of Dreams and although it can be soft on top its a hard base. Hard flat corners with loose stuff on top is where i feel like the 33 is all over the place. Thanks for the feedback.

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I agree about the STI vs Bridgestone HD tubes. I had an STI tube split at one of the seams in the middle of a hare scramble following a race on rocky terrain the week before. When you feel the Bridgestone tube vs the STI its pretty eye opening. Bridgestone ... more »

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Curious how this setup worked out for you. I recently switched to MX33s from Pirellis and not sure how I feel about the 33 front compared to the MX32 mid hard which I really had no complaints about.

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I hope Uncle Horse is doing alright.

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Actually this is not true. The show took place there, but the filming locations were not anywhere near the pine barrens (as someone from Jersey it was obvious). The filming locations were in Orange County NY. I imagine the amount of hoops that would ... more »

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I have a 2020 300 SEF factory. No more maintenance than the KTM sitting next to it. Parts are readily available. There are some really great dealers with good sites for online ordering (Motocenter in AZ, Hard Enduro Outfitters, Bonecutter). There are ... more »

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LOL. I was wondering the same thing.

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I agree about Motosport. I try to order things from different places to spread the business, but my last order from Motosport was shipped via some company I’ve never heard of and literally dropped of by some random person in their daily driver corolla. ... more »

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Later model 18s they did. If you look at the bottom of the head tube, the difference is pretty obvious. 16-early 18:

Late 18 to 21: ... more »
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It worked well on my KTM header. Took that brown color that it turns right off. Use a little WD40 on the pad and it cleans right up.

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Two words: Dylan Fernandez

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They are not going to grow the sport going down the path they’re on. Think about it. How many were really, really interested in the sport before they got their first bike? The casual observer who has never ridden will never be hooked. Everyone can relate ... more »

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I have a KTM 150 and a Sherco 300 four stroke. I see no need to ever have any other displacement motorcycles.

Added reply in a thread Who makes custom seat covers? 3/10/2021 4:49 AM Full disclaimer, never used them. But says they offer “full custom work” so may be worth a shot.

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Chaparral apparently has 10+ fronts, at least according to their website.

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Haha. Sorry I think that purchase was done with cash so no financing. To be honest, I think it comes down to the dealer and whether they’re willing to play ball or not.

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There is no reason to register a dirt bike in NJ where the OP (and myself) are from unless: a) You race enduros and need a street legal bike for the on road sections b) You want to ride on state forest land fire roads and that is conditional upon the ... more »

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Suzuki has been selling 2022 models since 2018 so not that early. I will say that its pretty interesting that Honda can sell the same machine $700 dollars cheaper than the 2019 model and presumably still make a profit.