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Nsr5058 That's exactly what my bike was doing, if I hooked up an external power source my fuel pump would work perfect, pumped about 125-150ml in 3 kicks. Running under its own power I got nothing more than a few drips out of my fuel pump. It just doesn't ... more »

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If you have another bike you can change parts with, try changing the flywheel, believe it or not I had one on my Rmz 450 lose its magnatism, my bike wouldn't start , and I replaced everything electrical and I mean everything, cost me a fortune. Put a ... more »

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Yep every day, and I would bet James is thinking the same.

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Reeds not allowed to have an opinion? I would think the kid would be stoked that Chad thinks hes good enough to turn pro now.

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Is this the one? Emig's in the wheelie boys?
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That would be a damn good incentive for the rider to stay clean then and be very careful about what goes into his system.

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So we just completely dismiss Reeds titles he won in Australia is this how it works? Didn't Reed only spend one year on a lites bike in the US and won a supercross title in that one year. Then jumped straight in the big bike class to race against the ... more »

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From transworld mx Twitter Reed had an issue the last time by, now has Tomac and Roczen on him for second place.

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I'm not sure how the AMA works, but here in Australia serious injuries that occur under MA (Motorcycling Australia) events are reported to MA and riders licences are suspended until the rider has medical clearance from their doctor. I would hope MA keep ... more »

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Has the instance of neck or spinal injury increased, decreased or remained stagnant since the introduction of the neck brace? Thats the only stat I want to know about neck braces.

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Awesome review heartebreak sounds like a good time, and well worth it.

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That's what I'm thinking, Mathes junked and my junked would probably be two different things. Tyre marks and a few scrapes to me isn't Junked, to a former factory mechanic its Junked.

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I like him as a co host, brings things to the table has been around and knows what he's talking about. Actually I like all the co hosts. There was only one person on the show that I wasn't fond of and he's gone now so all good. Eddie Rays podcast he ... more »

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I actually don't think there was anything wrong with the question. If Marvin didn't break down during his answer this wouldn't have been an issue, and I'm sure Keefer didn't think any harm would come from asking how his brother was doing.

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Guess you weren't here the last time Reed went SX only.

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Yep same here. Always done it this way.

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You pretty much nailed it, it's the same people who turn up in every (insert riders name) thread just to throw their negative BS in, then they complain about being branded a hater.

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I think your out of luck mate, the only proper way to fix it is pull the head off and see what's going on. As for your buddy, I wouldn't let him pump up my Tyres if that's his solution to fixing your head gasket. There is no way you can just raise the ... more »

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First thing, check your valve clearances, it's the first thing that should be checked if your bike is hard to start. 2nd thing take your cam chain and throw it to the shit house and replace it with a new one, If it's skipping teeth its fucked and all ... more »

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Sweet looking gear.

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