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Yep I remember that and it pissed me off when he said it, he obviously didn't give a fuck about the MXON then. They way he's carrying on about being left out now (without any outdoor racing or even a team, bike or anything) makes him look like a massive ... more »

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Unfortunately i think it does make him look like he just wants to be the home track hero, but it is what it. is.

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There was once a time when it was considered that one discipline would benefit the other, now it seems that one is detrimental to the other.

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I pulled a ktm 125 apart recently and the Piston was in backwards, and it's not the first time it's happened.

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Just curious, why aren't you a fan of helicoils?

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The shipping company is responsible, but it shouldn't be left up to the customer to chase down his missing package, he didn't hire the shipping company RM did. RM has received payment for the order it should be in their best interest to make sure the ... more »

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If you have ever listened to any interviews with Tony you would know that Tony has huge respect for Chad and thinks quite highly of him and holds what he says in high regard.

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I agree with pretty much everything that has been said here. I don't race anymore and neither do my three kids, actually my kids don't even ride anymore and it all boiled down to money. I live within an hour and a half of 4 ride parks here in Victoria ... more »

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That's an easy fix, if it's Chad Reed related don't read or listen, your problem will be solved instantly.

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What the fuck is a potato scallop? They're called potato cakes where I come from.

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Yep best grips I've ever used.

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The only thing I know about neck braces is they must be dangerous, because pretty much everyone who wears one will tell you about the big crash they had where the neck braced saved their life or stopped them from becoming a quadriplegic. Keep those bloody ... more »

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The problem is those people booing Marv and calling it a dirty move are the very same people who would be cheering Tomac and calling it good hard racing if he made the exact same move.

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Mate no way does it get anywhere near -30 or -40c, the coldest I have seen it is about -5c and that's on a cold frosty morning and then you end up with a warm sunny day, A shit cold day is about 8c and that's a bloody cold mid winter's day, and I'm in ... more »

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Show 22, Marc Pelligrino calls in. It's one of the best shows a must listen. Also show 26 is pretty good when pornstar Jenna Haze calls in, for some reason Kenny Watson comes to life then.

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I broke my left wrist, screws, plates etc, I have an All Sports Dynamic wrist brace OTS, and the thing is brilliant does not inhibit riding at all and do not even notice it on anymore and I wouldn't t ride without it. Would highly recommend.

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Sweet looking helmet as are Troy Lee helmets.

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I have this in my hip, been there for 13 years plus I have screws and plates in my left wrist and 2 screws in my right elbow. My elbow and wrist give me far more trouble than my hip but I can still ride no problem, but I walk like I'm 85 years old.

... more »
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He apologized, and signed a poster for him, what is dickish about that? But I'm not surprised coming from someone like you who turns up in every Reed thread to throw hate at the guy at every opportunity, I think I know who the dick is.

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Don't go bringing common sense into this thread, just let the judgmental fans continue to throw Reed under a bus because they THINK it was all about eBay and money.