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Yep could have just stayed at arms length and just said "nope nothing to do with me" and moved on with his life.

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No if the claim had of gone ahead they still would have gotten the factory engine. They would have gotten everything that was on that bike when the claim was made.

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WTF was that, so in Matthes mind it must be Brennan lying? After watching and listening to all the interviews, the two people who are in this up to their eye balls are Walker and the dealer, neither of those two are going to admit to lying to Brennen ... more »

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Yep I think any argument ends over who's at fault, when one rider takes full responsibility and admits he was at fault and apologizes. There should be no more questions after that, and good on Styles for owning it.

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P10 those Suzukis are so under rated all because they dont have a button it's a joke, Weltin and Hartranft are proving that. Anstie probably wishes he was on one about now.

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Yes I noticed this as well, and every time I found myself waiting for "and thanks Lars" or who ever he was interviewing. The interviewees didn't seem to know if the interview was over or not and kind of just awkwardly moved away. Not a big deal but noticeable. ... more »

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Still plenty of sand bagging local club days, not so much regions or titles, but club days can be a free for all. A lot of clubs are now no longer with MA, they have switched to AMA it's now cheaper to race, but now it's all just age group racing No ... more »

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I love going to the track on my so called inferior RMZ, I especially love passing all the guys riding their shoot out winning Yamahas and Hondas while they ride around in 3rd gear at half throttle.

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I seen it the day it came out, I loved it, I also seen the original when it first came out at the cinema's. Having watched it I would suggest anyone who hasn't seen the original Top Gun should see it first because there will be a lot of references that ... more »

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I ran a Pirelli MX32 mid-soft, it's a bloody fantastic tyre so much grip I couldn't believe how good it was, the only problem I found with it was longevity , that tyre wears out fast. Currently trying a MX32 mid-hard to see if I get longer life out of ... more »

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Season 10, episode 14, the other guy with MC is road racer Colin Edwards.

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Yes at the moment the Top guys may be contracted to race outdoors, but in future contracts that could possibly change if the riders now have another options than racing outdoors. Over the years we have seen multiple riders go supercross only and that ... more »

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This point seems to have gone over many people's heads. They have no intention of running up against the US supercross series. So potentially it does open up the options for the Top guys in the US to go supercross only and extend their careers. Unfortunately ... more »

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Fuck some of you cunts are pathetic, "Who cares what Reed wears he's retired". Well clearly you do, you cared enough to click on a link and waste your time telling people you don't care.

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If you think that's yelling, you've never been yelled at.

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How can he be a million miles off, a bike review is basically just someone's opinion on a bike, 2 people can have completely different reviews on the same bike, it doesn't mean either of them are wrong. You may love a bike and think it's the best thing ... more »

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I would presume you have done the obvious and tried a different spark plug, it just sounds more like a short somewhere or simply a bad connection in one of the wiring plugs, just check inside one of the plugs for a burnt connection pin or something that ... more »

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My experience says no, 1 tooth out won't make the piston smash into the valves, but 3 or 4 will, that's what makes me think you cam chain has skipped a few teeth. And when it skips once it's trashed and will continually skip teeth.

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I would take a guess and say maybe your cam chain skipped a few teeth when it burped, that's what made it a bit harder to start then when you went out again it may have skipped a few more and here we are. I don't think you have the wrong piston because ... more »

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When Chad Reed was honest about what he thought of a bike he was branded as a cry baby, a whiner, someone whos hard to work with and someone who's burning his bridges or throwing the bike and his team under a bus.. So I can understand why the guys would ... more »