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Relax, as simple as it sounds you probably have a death grip on the bars and you don't even realise it. You don't have to hold on that tight. So just relax and let it flow.

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I'll play devil's advocate, if there was no red flag he wasn't getting back on that bike.

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It's nothing more than a racing incident, sometimes shit just happens.

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Great weed killer.

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If it starts easy and runs fine you're good to go.

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Bloody he'll dude, the Aussie dollar is garbage at the moment why would you need to buy anything from the US with the terrible exchange rates and postage it's hardly worth the trouble. I usedd to buy from RM all the time when the Aussie dollar was close ... more »

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I work in a job that requires me to wear earmuffs all day, so it's perfect for listening to pod casts, I never miss a Pulp show pod, I love the variety of Pulp Its got a bit of everything. With the Whiskey Throttle I pick and choose depending on the ... more »

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Dude I wouldn't waste your breath, most of these guys with the negative comments about the Suzuki are the sort of guys that spend big bucks on their shootout winning bikes then they add all the bling and a pipe and proceed to ride around at half throttle ... more »

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Smoke? As in steam? Clear liquid? As in water? Sounds like your radiator has water in it instead of coolant and it boiled. These bikes don't like to sit there and idle for to long, they need air flowing through the radiator to keep them cool. Don't warm ... more »

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JGR has never had a bike that would attract a true championship rider.  They had James Stewart.

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That's why they have a seperate race review pod.

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I don't understand people hating on riders, I can understand not being a fan but to actually hate some guy that you've never even met and he's never actually done anything to you personally. I don't get it.

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I wouldn't wear one for the simple fact that every person who wears one is pretty quick to point out that they had a crash and if it wasn't for their neck brace they would be dead or paralysed. Seems for some reason everyone who wears one has massive ... more »

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I don't mean to hijack this thread at all, but I just got hold of an 19 Rmz 450, I haven't even ridden it yet but I've been reading a lot about changing the stock linkage arm for an after market and apparently it completely transforms the whole handling ... more »

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Prediction. The last round you see Reed, RC and James on the track at the same time for the last time in some sort of exhibition as a farewell to all the fans and an end to one of the greatest era's in racing.

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Unless you're a pro or running up the front in A grade, a Suzuki will be just fine, very few people get everything out of a 450 anyway. Just go watch at your local track or ride park and check out the guys on their YZ's and CRF's and watch them ride ... more »

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Having just listened to them talk about this on Pulp, I can't believe Mathes compared this mountain bike guy to Luke Clout, the same Luke Clout that was an Australian factory Yamaha rider, the same guy who just lost the Australian supercross title to ... more »

SFellure33 left a comment 12/31/2019 6:08 AM

hey man, Im coming back from a broken hand/wrist and Im looking into buying an allsport OTS brace. I saw on one of the vital forums you said you had one and had been riding with it. My only concern with the brace is how bulky(big) it looks. How far up your forearm does the brace come to? Does it give you arm pump?