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insurance companies

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Mike Kiedrowski Ghost rides his KX at Mike Larocco Jason Anderson gets landed on MXoN Maggiora 2016

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Joe was a solid dude. My thoughts are with his family.

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Thanks for everything Steve! Enjoy your retirement!

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It's been a struggle in our house but I think we finally have it under control with our kids (now 8 & 11 but this has been a couple years and I'm sure will continue...) I have been known to set the router so they can't get access to YouTube, but ... more »

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get your boy a quad. he can park it whereever however he wants

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Big fan here. I'm 36 and I look up to him as a roll model lol. He works hard, all on his own. Usually his own mechanic. Not to say he doesn't have help along the way but it's as grass roots privateer as you can get these days. He also runs his multiple

... more »
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Here is the 5712x2285 FULL RES James Stewart Daytona Wall Jump Sequence Pano. I had to redo it from source so it's not exactly the same as the one posted previously. If someone prints this hook a brotha up.

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my pic.

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Did that to my right thumb about a decade ago. No surgery. I wore a thermal plastic molded splint for 6 weeks. It'll get me still if I pick something up funny (like a backpack gets hooked on my thumb). I'm currently healing a mallet injury (first knuckle) ... more »

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Due to rain, they did not do the planned track layout posted above. Instead, Orlando 2 will be the same layout with some jump changes. First 250 West round lets go!

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Ask him if he'll be in SLC. I want to get my Wheaties box signed.

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I give my dogs ice cubes.

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Honda Cub ez90. Those were fun

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I have the pilot running and I've been hitting the dunes running my vizor- less hjc from 2001. Please help me look cool. The color already matches too.

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Hell yeah!

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"But I bought tickets to the policeman's ball last year!" lol I think Link said that. That part always made me laugh. Might have been in SMP's Disturbing the Peace though? Anyway, Kiedrowski was the first pro I ever met. He was done with MX and starting ... more »

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Fuck SCI. I typed up alot more because I'm dealing with a mountain of shit, but it's easier to just say fuck sci.

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I saw a triangle shapped UFO fly over Phoenix in broad daylight circa 2010. I was driving with a passenger and we had our eye on it for a few minutes. Turned a corner and looked back and it was gone. It was close to this image. It looked like it was

... more »