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Either is fine. However, it would be cool if they could make the color green of the rider whose previous lap was faster than the rider in front of him and a color for fastest lap.

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Thanks Maverick. Racer X showed it live on How to Watch.

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I’m showing Monster Jam & NHL hockey during 2nd motos? Is it not on?

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Thanks for covering press day Guy. I love this type of content.

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Gen. 3: Had an XR75 in 76-77. Could beat my buddy all day long. I'll never forget riding at Ponca City where I grew up and my Dad was with the ambucs and my buddy brought his new RM80......Wow, talk about unfair advantage. I rode that thing and thought ... more »

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I’ve been watching him since amateurs and his dad was very intentional in not going all over the country. He would not chase all the amateur nationals. I think that plays into his longevity as a pro.

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Watch Matthes defend Joe Biden for his sexual misconduct on a far more credible claim after the venom he spewed out towards Kavanaugh from Ms. “I can’t remember a single verifiable thing” Ford.

Matthes is a douche.

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According to Racer X, it was Barcia who approached Tomac and was upset, not Tomac. That changes this whole thread.

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Huge Tomac fan but I’m very concerned. He hasn’t shown any of the speed like he had in 17’ or 18’. Could it be that he is under contract not to say anything about the 19’ bike? I read where someone was watching at practice and he came in pointing at ... more »

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Does anyone know if you have to be present to buy a paddock pass? My buddy is not coming in until late Friday night and I would like to buy the paddock passes on Friday without him. At the nationals, you have to sign a waiver to get in.

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speaking of KTM and Aldon: what 3 450 riders will he train? I heard him say once that 3 is the limit. Right now he has Osborne, Musquin and Anderson. If Webb joins them, will he train 4 450 riders?

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Live in the DFW area but have a business in Elkhart. So, making it an extended business trip. Anyone looking for hotels, there might be some availability in Elkhart off of exit 92 of the Indiana toll road. It is about a 45 minute drive. I lived in southern ... more »

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I am a big Tomac fan and I feel really bad for Musquin. This has got to be one of his hardest years! He seems like a genuinely nice guy who works as hard as anyone and is top 5 guy in the world. The Dutch team scares me as much as the French. Herlings ... more »

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Is there any live radio cast of the race available? I thought I read in the past that there is a web radio show that runs simultaneously with Ralph and Jeff? I am driving for 2 1/2 hours at the exact time of the race and would love to listen to it as ... more »

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As a rider, your focus and drive is 100% on yourself. Your diet, your training, your setup, your sleep and your schedule. You spend your whole life focusing on yourself. Stefan was the best at that and he spent his whole life focusing on that. What a ... more »

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I noticed another red bike in the background. Was that Cole? did anyone put a stopwatch on him vs. Cole? Just curious.

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I just watched the 94' de Nations where those two go at it...... Malin was awesome. I sometimes forget how good these guys were when listening to them. We are so fortunate to have guys that have been there and done that in the booth. They are both very ... more »

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Jeremy, I think you need to take advantage of your CDL. You should contact and send your resume to EVERYONE in the industry including Feld and any other series promoter. Your resume should show the history of your racing career and pinpoint your work ... more »

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Robbie Horton still races local pro series and is normally top 3