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We need a Bradshaw and Chicken again!

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do a youtube build!!

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Someone get me an address and I’ll check it out and do a vid or photo report.

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We just had $10k at Lake County Fair 2 weeks ago and it was the same 8 guys that always show up. 1 new one. I’m with ya on higher purse money Roop, but these kids just don’t seem to care about it as much anymore. Idk what the answer is.

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I was there yesterday and today and totally agree with DC. Jett is more than impressive folks. What I saw him do coming out of ‘story land’ was amazing. He has total control of the bike and has an awesome style. Who did he remind me of? A new school ... more »

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He’s thinking about Budds and Ironman too.

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check pm

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How much longer is the JGR/Suzuki contract?

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I'll be there all weekend, announcing all the amateur stuff with my bud Larry Witmer.

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Diffysmooth was taking pics and he’s posted a few already. there were lots of video guys, including NBC cameras, but I didn’t recognize any of them. I’m sure Rob got contact info and former SX guy Denny Hartwig is the media guy there so I bet we’ll see ... more »

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Day 2 of the Rob Buydos promoted pitbike event here at Chicagoland Speedway. 12 identical TTR110s provided by Motozilli Yamaha out of Ohio only have taller Renthal bars, PC pipes, better tires and graphics. The riders are The Who’s who of moto yesteryear

... more »

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Personally, I see McElrath as a title contender for 250 West on a Yamaha but most know my bias on that one. I’d also love to see AMart back on blue.

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I could listen to him all day. She is annoying as hell.

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June 4th

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Reeg is the man. See him once a year or so at a Supercross and then he disappears into quiet movie stardom until you find out what character he was or what movie he was in and what stunt he did. Pretty much agree with everything you said here Andy, I’d ... more »

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I can tell you from announcing Supercross Futures this season, some of these guys are the real deal. Pierce is an animal on a SX track, same with Hammaker. I’ll be watching Zane outdoors for sure, great kid, but where has Kobush been all year? Haven’t ... more »

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For sale but only for the right price. I don’t know what that price is either. Make undeniable offer..

... more »
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why have all that if you're not going to display or show them off? I have quite a few myself, but many of them are hung up.