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Wow. Per race sponsorship? Seems like I saw that somewhere recently.

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707 is done?

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2002 - who’s this guy? 2003 - damn, he rips. Late ‘03 - wanted us to build him a Sano 50 2004 - holy crap, this dude’s gnarly. That’s my timeline.

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I have the same banner. I’ll never sell it.

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I loved MGM too, but if it ever went back to an arena, it would be the T-Mobile arena. But I’m sure it will be at Raiders stadium before that.

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Can you do this same info for sx Futures on Monday?

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Since someone else resurrected the post, I'll add that there is more to come in 2020 and maybe even some new band collabs. DD \../

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Reynard was the king of this.

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I would go to all of them

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wow, bummer. I announced the flat track last night at the speedway/fairgrounds in town and nobody said a word about it. I would have stayed the night and would have also promoted it to the massive spectator and racer turn out. oh well.

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Damn, forgot that one. Good call.

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In the AC/KR bromance thread, someone mentioned Bradshaw and Chicken. I think we need a new, modern rivalry. Who should it be?

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We need a Bradshaw and Chicken again!

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do a youtube build!!

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Someone get me an address and I’ll check it out and do a vid or photo report.

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We just had $10k at Lake County Fair 2 weeks ago and it was the same 8 guys that always show up. 1 new one. I’m with ya on higher purse money Roop, but these kids just don’t seem to care about it as much anymore. Idk what the answer is.

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I was there yesterday and today and totally agree with DC. Jett is more than impressive folks. What I saw him do coming out of ‘story land’ was amazing. He has total control of the bike and has an awesome style. Who did he remind me of? A new school ... more »