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That would be cool! Or Geico Honda......

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Looks like an awesome ride!

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FYI, I can probably sell you a good bike at a reasonable price, but you'd have to pay for shipping to FL....

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Finally! Somebody with some interest in Trials! We do trials events and schools here in So.Cal. if your ever in the area, come ride with us @ MotoVentures!

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Or how about Jimmy Lamastus in the video "Children of a Metal God"? That guy entered the berm at mach 10 and never let off the gas! I know it's a berm instead of a rut, but pretty cool regardless.

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Every rut is different! That's why a pro is so fast; because they know the "fast" techniques and when to use them. How about the 360° rut that some guys practice on?!? Iv'e always wanted to ride one of those....

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Forsure, that's how you rail ruts in flat corners, but if the rut is too deep you end up dragging your footpeg which can slow you down or even make you crash. Every rut is different.

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I agree with the no coasting thing, because the whole concept is to corner (turn) as quickly and efficiently as possible, but every rut is different! Brake, roll, gas is one way, but it's specific to that rut. What if the rut has a double apex, or Transition ... more »

Reply to Going from a 2006 CRF490 to a 2017 KTM SXF 450…First Impressions 3/15/2017 12:22 PM

You've made a big change! You went from a Japanese bike with Showa spring forks, Honda ergo's, etc to a KTM! I definitely think it's a different feel which might require you to adjust your riding style a little bit. Try to get a basic setup that works ... more »

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Also, you can line up a couple of 2x4's and practice riding on them which will replicate riding in a straight rut.

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This is what I teach for riding ruts: #1. Stand up #2. either get in or stay out. Cross-ruting sucks. #3. Don't make corrections with the handlebars. Counterbalance and steer the bike by leaning it.

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2006-2008 CRF450R 2006-2009 YZ450F Both great bikes, very reliable and tons of aftermarket/OEM parts available.

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I compound fractured my radius and ulna in my left arm when I was 18. I had 2 steel plates and 13 screws installed by my friends father (who actually invented hang gliding and is now an orthopedic surgeon). About 6 months later I got the plates and screws ... more »

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This is true. Bro.

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Not true. Where do you get your information from?

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Did anybody mention Indiana Jones Last Crusade?? Who were the stunt riders? What bikes are they riding?

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You get what you pay for! I have close to a hundred sets of boots that get used every weekend, and have been for years. Most of the boots are TCX, which makes FLY boots if I'm not mistaken. I also have a dozen or so FLY Maverick boots. This is a great ... more »

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Yeah, no major changes 'till the 2010 model. Maybe the loose nut behind the handlebars was causing the bike to "crawl" up out of ruts! The YZ450 is a great bike. If you can get a good deal on it; even better...

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Joey Mac would kick Ronnie Mac's A** any day of the week!