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Reading RacerX's 'Between the Moto's', I sensed some tension between him and Monster.

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Does anyone know why he left the Butler team? Was he just not re-signed / contract expired? I thought he gel'd with that KTM pretty good and was a good fit.

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My favorites were............. "What you want me to un-arrest you?" "(crying like a baby) Stop looking at me angrily!?

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I thought I read a few years ago (around the time Star switched from MSR to ANSR) that MSR was stepping back from the SX/MX industry and focusing more on the off-road market. ANSR was basically going to fill the void and vice versa. It was never said ... more »

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X2..................... best thing since sliced bread. I hope Feld is taking a few notes on how successful this is so far.

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Need help! I paid for the subscription and I'm using a newer chromebook to try and watch qualifying, but it won't even play because an error comes up 'Shockwave flash has crashed'. I'm kind of new to Chromebooks, but I have googled the issue and haven't ... more »

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Speak of the devil.......... I've been watching a ton of late 1980's to early 1990's MX video's on YouTube on your name pops up every now and then. Most of them were from CMC Golden State Nationals or AMA Nationals. I never knew you rode Suzuki's in ... more »

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What are you looking for? I've got some older TLD Bell Moto 4 and 5 helmet visors I'd be willing to part ways with if the price is right? Some new, some used but in good shape. Shoot me an email address and I'll take some pictures of them this weekend ... more »

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Bobby has a 'humorous habit' of giving his riders nicknames. I wonder what DW15 will be............ Anderson - El Hombre Davalos - Juan Pablo Osborne - Sally Pourcel - Magic Man

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For Sale is a pair of Fox Honda motocross pants that are size 38. These are in great condition, except for one thing.............the pants were re-sewn/mended on the left leg. I bought these pants on ebay a couple years ago and they came this way to

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I've always wondered about these types of situations - 'fill in' rides/riders. When a rider like Weimer fills in for Barcia (and I guess now Peick) is he given a contracted salary/benefits? Or is it kind of like JGR is just doing him a favor by giving ... more »

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A semi could also be seen as a 'traveling' advertisement which is a tax deduction.

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I'm fucking furious! I bought it 2 hours ago, thinking I had it here in Montana. No small text, no nothing. I'm going ape shit.............. Nothing like wasting 100 bucks on Monster!

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I didn't want to read through all 6 pages, my apologies.......................Is it this year they are starting the 'resetting' the points about half way through the series (like AX does)? I know it was talked about awhile ago.

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I think Gio got into real estate and plays a bunch of golf...........for some reason I vaguely recall an interview with that being said.

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Chad Lanza?

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Davi Milsaps: Red Bull - Factory Honda Monster - Factory Kawi Rockstar - Suzuki When Davalos rode for MDK KTM was that a Red Bull team?