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Thanks guys! I appreciate the help. I believe the engine is an updated 2009, atleast that's what my uncle said since he already checked. I took off the tank and shrouds and am checking all the electrical units (cleaning them out and re-greasing) I also ... more »

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My uncle recently let me have his 2008 zook so I could race the summer and winter nationals at Ponca and Mini O's. The bike was a brand new left over "08 that he bought in 2010. The bike is 100% stock except for the fmf slip on. It is sputtering out ... more »

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Underground...Regal's place in Texas

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I agree with the really long wingspan and skinny, lanky form he has. I think I ride similar do to the fact I'm about 6'2 and 170lbs. The thing that bothered me was it didn't look like he ever touches his front brake. Not even to drag it through the ruts, ... more »

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I'm 17 so all lights are green! Ohh, by the way what was that song? I've been trying to find that for a while and no luck Edit* Nevermind, found the song. Swollen Members- Too hot

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Thank God! I have a gear sponsor again! Woooo hoo

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Some of those guys are motoin on 2009 or newer bikes. There was a kawi 250f and a honda 450(I think) both still had their warning lables on the fenders and chain stickers on the swingarms

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Prayers sent Lynn. You are a good name to have in Texas motocross history and MX history in general. God bless!

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From a personal experience back in 2009 I have strong beliefs that the Leatt did it's job. I race the A class and plan on racing the last 3 nationals this summer. Anyways, I crashed pretty back riding a supercross track back in '09. I had a violent crash ... more »

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Hey guys, new to Vital. The place looks awesome and what I've read is pretty funny so far. I recently just built this website and was needing some feedback. I'm a 17 year old A rider from Texas and made up the website for my riding school. Thank you ... more »

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