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OK guys, thanks for the input. Last night I cleaned out all of my connectors to make sure there was no dirt or moisture. They were all good except for what I believe was the throttle sensor, it had some water in it. I checked everything from the power ... more »

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I recently purchased a 2014 YZ 250 and let's just say I love it. Best stock bike I have ever ridden in my opinion. Anyways the thing has about 15 hours on it and now has a major bogging/ sputtering problem. I am a pretty aggressive rider and usually ... more »

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My Weiner dog, Lola is for rent. Cat problem...solved. Had about 20 or so ferral cats running around my place and when I got the pussy crazed pup, we have about 4 left. They are the ones smart/ fast enough to make it to a tree or fence.

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I've done a lot of testing with 4 stroke exhaust systems and really like the Yoshi's on my RMZ's. Just picked up a new YZ 250 and am debating between the Works PC system or the Factory fatty FMF system. The YZ already has great bottom, a little more ... more »

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Obviously I know Excel, D.I.D, Talon and Dubya are the way to go as far as rims and hubs. What does everyone think or know about DNA? I know they have had a few generations with their first being about as strong as a set off of a Mongoose. Also, has ... more »

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No, I am not Rusty Potter's father. This rider is not my son either, he is a good buddy of mine. When he ran into personal issues I stepped up and am now his mechanic/coach. Iwreckalot, I know all 3 of the riders you stated. John Short actually got picked ... more »

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We did plan on doing a few of the Arenacross rounds. He has ridden supercross and arenacross before, never raced it. He was scouted by a team, tried out and they denied him help because he did not already have his license. I appreciate all the replies! ... more »

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What does it take to get your 2013 AMA Supecross Lites license? My rider is 16 years old, very fast and dedicated, one of the top A riders in Texas and a Multi-time champ in the Pro class in TORN (Texas Off-road Nationals). We are fortunate enough to ... more »

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I thought I was your favorite pro Stevey D? Haha I remember back in '08 riding my 125's I always found myself riding at the same local tracks as Cunningham and Hackley. Getting to hang with those guys as a 14 year old kid was a life time memory. We had ... more »

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I'm looking to do some suspension testing on the suzuki by borrowing the forks and shock of my friends KXF. Will the forks and rear shock of the KX fit on the RMZ without making any changes to the linkage, front wheel, etc..?

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Awesome give away Leatt and Vital

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I did ride this out [LINK TO IMAGE] Not that whipped out, but I like it. [LINK TO IMAGE]

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It's that time of year again, sponsors, rider support and contracts. I have offers from various companies and was interested in the Vital community's input. My big 3 are Fly, One, and Acerbis. The Fly contract is interesting and I love their products, ... more »

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Excuse my French, but you sir ARE A FUCKING IDIOT. Go back and watch that race on youtube. Salt Lake I believe, Stewart had his pass done way before Chisolm ever got into the picture. Now after your dumbass notices that move on to the part where Chisolm ... more »

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I don't know how he usually writes on his twitter (to=2 for=4) but maybe he's trying to suprise everyone with a 2 stroke insted of 4?

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Variety is best. It's best to change it up so that your body doesn't get use to one thing. Running is an awesome source of cardio, but horrible for your knees and joints. As a racer, we take enough abuse just riding. I've found that the Concept 2 rwo ... more »

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I was one of those top 10-12 racers this week at Ponca. I looked at the laptimes, I took note of me only riding again for the past month and the competition at Ponca, the fact that I only rode stock bikes in the mod classes and figured I did decently ... more »

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A stock pipe was all she needed. Thanks for the help guys!

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I have only ridden it 3 times and all 3 times it has done it. My uncle said it ran fine before the slip on, but he only put about 15 easy hours on it. I did find that the hot start had zero slack in it whatsoever and when I turned all the way to the ... more »