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It’s only a matter of time before this thread goes to the bears & trains.......

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That’s got to be the cleanest 39 hr used bike I’ve seen!....GLWS.

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Jerseys, seats, shrouds, championship ring replica, misc. plastics, etc. I know a lot of memorabilia collectors might be interested and contributing to a good cause too! Thought I'd share the link: ... more »

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Yes Blake was on top of Webb being clean and patient but I’m surprised Webb didn’t protect the inside line as Tomac passed him there as well.

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Flying in early Friday for the weekend. I actually got my wife to go...she loved her last trip to Nashville and was all in when the venue was announced. Last I saw , the sun was coming out Friday and only 20% rain on will be awesome either ... more »

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I broke mine once.....I can relate. Your response has me in tears!😂😂😂

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I think it’s a mix of many of the issues already discussed. Tracks never had Saturday practices and now it allows riders to get more seat time vs race day....can’t blame anybody for getting more return on their investment. As far as jumps go, you can ... more »

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You must have been one of the smart ones and got there early!😉

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Englishtown season opener, D6 Harescramble series in Millville (Cumberland Fairground), Field of Dreams practice had close to 400 turnout....A,B,C1,C2,C3 , mini’s ...a lot of wait time at practice and 2 stops for rider assistance...

... more »
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Field of Dreams.....going to break in the 19 KX 450.

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Message and text sent.

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He is showing maturity and patience that I had a tough time believing he could. Looks like he’s going to grow into that KTM Red Bull hat after all!

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Agreed I was wondering when he was gonna uncork that bike... When he gets it right nobody can run his pace

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Very happy for Chad and JGR and for giving us the opportunity to see a legend place the Suzuki on the podium ....after all it was the last place shootout finisher!...wink, wink.

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Thanks. I know not taking the W was a tough pill to swallow, but Kenny's a pro and handled his business. I appreciate that he took the time to chat. Like you said, he could have headed for the bus instead.

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Another great interview Steve! I like the insight on how he needed to breathe and think about saving the win. Perhaps beside tracking live lap times we could track heart rates!

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Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to Vitalmx crew and the great sponsors for putting together this annual event. Awesome products!
Happy Holidays and a Healthy & Prosperous New Year to all!

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I enjoyed seeing the movie last night with my son. We enjoyed it and Eastwood gained another fan from another generation. I told him if gets a chance to watch Clint’s films he’d like them too. He later sent me an article about the mule...the basis for ... more »