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We call it airbound,when fuel is being consumed by gravity,and air cannot enter to replace it.

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If one plug is fouled the other one is also.

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Love those old bikes that have 2 sparkplug holes. Mine had a cable operated compression release in the 1 hole Works like a jake brake,freeks people out, I kept that when i sold it.

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That was me on the 4-wheeler,was a great day. My wife is one of the scorers,and i am just a semi normal Vitard, helping out where needed,

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For good wheelie's and high jumps,i would change powerbands, { i prefer the purple ] it is real aggressive.

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It is normal for fuel to flow with the fuel valve open,fuel flowing out of the overflow hose is typical of a faulty needle and or seat. Maybe your float level is not set properly. Your petcock may also need new o-rings and or gasket. Also check all of ... more »

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Back in my younger days i used friction tape and gasoline to anchor my oury's,never moved, but wore out quickly. now I use honda grip glue,good stuff.

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That #627 Bobby Piazza used to battle with my son on mini's, He sure was giving Decotis and McDade fits all day,very fun to watch.

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Wow, it looks like that bike is spitting boulders,I would not want to ride behind that bike. Pure moto porn.

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If you need the hot start lever when its cold,fuel is leaking into your engine when its just sitting. Sounds to me like your needle and seat are worn,and or your float level is not correct. Also check for clogged vent hoses. How many times have the valves ... more »

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I have 2 Rickman's, just wondering if they are worth anything. The 1971 runs good, The 72 is a roller with the engine in a box,the carb and piston are mia, but the cylinder and head look to be in good shape.

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Float level,and or needle and seat.

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That RM looks awesome,love the simple graphics, and the use of blue for the triple clamp,bar mounts,stem nut. The price is a little out there.

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That is my favorite bike of all time, dam i wish i had the extra coin.

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Why would you replace the stator,when the ignition coil already tested bad?

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How do you do a compression test on a 4-stroke ?

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Yes remove the pipe and shake. You must replace the lower rod and crank bearings,or your investment in a new piston could be risky.

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Someone gave me a baja 110 pit bike. half of the spokes on the rear wheel are broken, and i can't find any. Does anybody know where to find them ? Also need a rear axle and spacers. It's a shame cause it starts right up and sounds good.

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Well if you are not going to tear it down for inspection, the first thing i would do is remove the pipe and take a look at the piston. If there is any yellow or brown on the piston below the ring or rings, you have some blow-by. and it needs to be replaced. ... more »

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Don't cut the stock band,just install a purple power band and she will rip.