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You must be fucking joking. Did you ever see RC run at a national in person? That guy always had another gear. He was ridiculous fast in downhills and rough tracks that would make most people shit just attempting to even ride on. When he paced at the ... more »

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Well, I noticed that too. But part of the reason they showed more coverage was the fact that Tomac was back in 10th place. But overall, the coverage was really good.

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She might not want special treatment, but she'll be treated special. And she'll accept it. Kudo's to her but I don't see her qualifying. BUT, if she does qualify, she will have A LOT of opportunity. Good luck!!

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Ranks right up there when people say..I'm just pre-warning you. Pre-warn? Can someone please explain that shit to me??

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No E-Start on a 2020 model? Friggin pathetic.Seems like a pretty obvious move to put e-start on an MX bike. How many 250's don't have electric start...2? Kawi and Suzuki?

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Of course. But by the sound of the letter, he has his doubts about his future. WADA needs to get out of this sport.

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OK WADA, show the effect of this substance and how it helped Craig. If WADA is going to ban someone, they better be able to show how it helped or gave an advantage. If you cut the course, there's an obvious advantage. If you run a 150 in the 125 class, ... more »

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Without the USA there it's basically just an off season MXGP race that nobody would care about.

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Stop bitching about the MX/SX coverage...It's getting old. Should have been around in the 80's and 90's. I literally read the friggin USA Today to get race results and maybe a month later, if I was lucky enough to find it and stay up til midnight, get ... more »

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I had a new 97. The thing was sick looking for the time and sick handling. I weighed maybe 150. The bike rode me as much as I rode it. The frame was so friggin stiff I had to soften the front and rear to the point of being useless. It would turn great...if ... more »

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Harley makes more revenue from clothing sales than from their motorcycle sales. Pretty fuckin pathetic when the clothing you sell (license) is worth more than the product being advertised on it.

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Jeeeezuz...if that instagram is any indication of the education level of JH's dad...he better get a new program.

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Tomac Musquin Roczen (Osborne wild card for 3rd)

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Wish him all the best. But, this is way too common anymore. Doesn't anyone carry insurance these days?

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This bike is an absolute no go. Walk away. I've told people before and I'll say it again relating to this bike...I've never been pissed off I didn't spend $2,400 in my life. Too many good used bikes out there. Especially 250's. Save a little, spend a ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2020 CRF250 6/11/2019 1:41 PM think Honda's engineers didn't know the power curve of the bike? And they needed the genius magazine shootouts to realize this and fix it? They do read shootouts and reviews for real world info on their bikes. They also use mag shootouts to ... more »

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My 450 handles great. The 250 is one of the best bikes I have ever ridden handling wise. People who rag on Honda's duals do it for reasons that borderline insanity. Basically, they have no reason. They just say duals are dumb. They say it costs more ... more »

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Honda has it right with the dual mufflers. They are about a foot shorter than those single sided bazookas everyone else is running and looks 100 times better.

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When the the blind lead the stupid and decide to build a moto bike. I am friggin stunned at this...I mean the sheer danger is so obvious. As if the YZ450 isn't enough of a pig. Let's spend $3k and make it a bigger pile of crap.

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MM25 signed with KTM through 2021. He locked down.

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