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Reply to Feld 3/21/2020 12:36 PM must be a financial fucking genius. You better learn what reading comprehension means lostgirl.

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I'm a CPA dude. So, people better hope I don't have a mental disability. My point was... it was REAL fast to dump 90% of its employees for a company as big as FELD and some (most) employees didn't even know they were let go from FELD until they found ... more »

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I guess. Businesses that rely on large groups to survive are basically in huge trouble. But a multi-billion dollar company you'd think would treat their employees a bit better than this.

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FE had over $1B in revue last year alone. And they dump 90% of their employees. Real family entertainment company.

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Basically less than a month into this and Feld lays off 90% of its employees? NINETY friggin percent? What a horseshit company. Fuck Feld.

Reply to Think how Eli will feel if he gets crowned now 3/19/2020 6:22 AM

If it does come down to the AMA awarding Tomac the SX championship, ask yourself this...who deserves it more this season? Who won more races? Who had the points lead? Numbers don't lie.

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I'd love the ignore option. I would have avoided this shit thread.

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Barcia is past the point in his career for fixing. No team change will affect how Barcia rides. He's a top 10 guy, no doubt. But top5? Nope. The only reason he is anywhere near the top 5 is because Marvin is out, AC9 is out, Savatgy is out, Tickle is ... more »

Reply to Ping on Dungey/GEICO breakup 3/16/2020 7:48 AM

Maybe he didn't get along or didn't see eye to eye with Craig's future with the team. Something happened fast.

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A few posts ago. Made me chuckle.

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Barcia having a shot at the title...that's funny. Sure, if Webb, Roczen and Tomac suddenly drop off the fucking face of the earth, he might have a shot. He better hope Yamaha signs him. No other factory team is going to.

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Season's over. Like it or not, SX races for 2020 are done. There were 7 races left and 2 are officially cancelled, with several more venues to follow suit it appears. Who, or if they crown a champion, is the only thing really to look forward to.

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Well, they postponed the Masters tourney. This is getting crazy. I am only posting this as a point of reference. If the planets biggest golf tourney is postponed, people are taking this shit seriously. I'd bet the SX season is over...done. Which is something ... more »

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Well, back to watching golf I guess. Could be worse, at least I'm not a basketball fan.

Reply to So who wins this? Call it now.. 3/12/2020 8:23 AM

THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. Great point. If Roczen gets a lead and checks out, Eli needs second. I think???

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Yeah, logic has that way of kicking your ass huh?

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There's no way in hell I would go to a stadium at this point. The risk (whether real or perceived) simply isn't worth it. I hope this gets under control soon, but I personally would not want to put myself or family at risk for a few hours in a stadium. ... more »

Reply to Pepsi buying Rockstar for $3.85B 3/11/2020 12:51 PM

Team Taco Bell Kawasaki.

Reply to So who wins this? Call it now.. 3/11/2020 12:22 PM

Yeah, he was the odds on favorite to win those years to. What's your point? Yeeeeaaaaaawwww, it's my first time to watch an sx I never said he was going to win the championship (although I think he will). I said he's the odds on favorite. ... more »

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Well, since he wins more races than anyone else and is the points leader...he's the odd on favorite. What part escapes you here? In the last race he passed 6 or 7 people and chewed up Roczens 6 second lead in like 2 laps when he got into second..and ... more »