2017 Husqvarna FC450 - SLF Motion Edition 3

Bike of the Day! 5-12-17
Bike of the Day! 5-12-17 Full Bike Full Bike RK chain, Vortex sprocket, TM Design sliders/blocks Coated lowers, Trick Engineering coated hub & caliper, Motostuff braking, Lightspeed carbon guards, Excel A60 rim, Michelin Starcross 5 tire GUTS Racing Phantom seat foam and seat cover P3 carbon skid plate, BUD Racing Ti pegs Yoshi Ti/Carbon exhaust, X-Trig ROCS clamps Cycra front fender & stadium plate from '17 KTM P3 skid plate, Boyesen super cooler, Yoshimura Ti headpipe, Hinson clutch cover Full Bike Acerbis frame guards, BUD Ti pegs, Trick Engineering coated cylinder w/ sight glass mod, Matrix stand Full Bike Full Bike 2017 Husqvarna FC450 - SLF Motion Edition
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General Info Additional Info
Model Year 2017
Parts Brand Model Additional info
Graphics 180 Decals
Plastic Polisport
Handlebar Other
Grips ODI
Clutch Lever ARC
Brake Lever ARC
Seat Guts
Exhaust Yoshimura
Clutch Hinson
Air Filter Uni
Triple Clamps Xtrig
Fork WP
Rear Shock WP
Suspension Mods Factory Connection
Tires Michelin
Rims Excel
Sprockets Vortex
Chain RK
Brakes Moto Stuff
Brake Pads Braking
Brake Rotors Moto Stuff
Oils/Lubes Maxima
Additional Info Titanium bolts used throughout the bike. Thanks to SLF Motion, Hall's Cycles, ARC, GUTS Racing, Trick Engineering, Yoshimura, Motostuff, 180 Decals, & Matrix
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