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Anyone looking for Ti axles and a Ti swingarm pivot bolt (with Ti nuts) that would fit CR 125-250 '93-'96? PM me for details and what you think they are worth (what you would be willing to pay me for them).......I no longer have a need for them and looking

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Please provide some more info on the anodized cases..........who did it, what color, effects to the internal workings, etc. Looks absolutely awesome!

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Just my opinion, but I thought it was pretty lame of Transworld to not include MA in their "How was your weekend" AND RacerX to not due a Part 2 Monday Conversationn with him either. I'm not a big Alessi fan, but damn, he was impressive this past weekend. ... more »

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Bad ass! I am getting ready to start a project build of a CR 250 (currently in the process of looking for a blown up one that needs plenty of work and I can get cheap). What year bike is this? Fine work!

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Bad ass bike!

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Who built the tank? Looks ridiculous!!!!

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I'm sure it's cool BUT now I can't see the Pit Bits on my iPhone or iPad...............just sayin

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Awesome, thanks for the info guys........much appreciated!

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That was as much Barcia's fault as anyone's.........

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I was just wondering the same thing? Also, how in the hell is AF 8 seconds faster than TG.........

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Got a quick question about installing Titanium bolts. Should some type of anti-seize/lubricant be used with Ti bolts (if this is the case, then I assume you wouldn't use Loc-Tite with Ti bolts)? Would there be a difference in installing them on say billet ... more »

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Isnt this like the 3rd or 4th Stewart JGR bike we've seen for sale in the past 2-3 weeks.........

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Anyone know if all the DC moto gear being seen on riders at X Games will be available to the public? Looks pretty sick!

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Is that an actual carbon ignition cover (meaning replaced the original cover) or is it just simply a cover-up piece (meaning installed over the stock cover)? Where did you get that piece at? Thanks

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I have used MX Prints in the past for jersey printing and would like to again but their site has been "temporarily down for maintenance" forever........anyone have any info? Did they go under? Thanks

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Also, has anyone ever tried a "brake bleeder kit" to bleed their brakes with (meant more for automotive use)? If not, what is the preferred/best method to getting a solid feeling brake....NOT "soft" feeling? Thanks.

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Hello all, Just curiuos what some of your opinions are on what is the best brake fluid available......strictly MX use. Also, has anyone used any KalGard products and what's your opinions on that stuff..........especially the chain wax and the "Pro Shine"/"Prep ... more »

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Just watched the shadow of Ryan Hughes on Transworld and found the last couple seconds of it interesting.........he said we might see him out there again next when he is 40 and on a different bike. My question is why he would already be talking of a ... more »

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