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Did you personally, or a Vital representative, take part in said Stark test?

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Amateur I know but I just saw that Evan Ferry is leaving Rockstar Husqvarna. With him getting older and closer to turning Pro, how does he and the unknown move to a new team play into all of this? Paging ML....

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100% fair game for Chiz to be in it. Sure he landed the deal of a lifetime with Star for a few races. Had that not happened though, Chiz is as privateer as it gets on the 450. Just because Chiz is the fastest/best privateer means he shouldn't be able ... more »

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Canham Graphics out of Pawnee, Illinois. His Instagram is @DougCanham

... more »
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2022 GasGas MC450

Yeah...that's BADASS!

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So that puts Chiz in P6....not a bad start!

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Any chance we see JUSTIN Hill fill-in for brother Josh over at Tedder? I got the feeling from the sidelines that maybe Justin wasn't fully satisfied with his current/former Kawi Partzilla team? Does he get the call, with some help/nudge from his brother, ... more »

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Let me preface this by saying I'm a big CC fan and have been for many years that Instagram video right at second mark 31-32 and you can see Christian begins to knife the front wheel into the sand BEFORE Vince is even touching him. Playing ... more »

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If you're more so wanting that style/colors, then Canvas could probably help ya. But if you're wanting it from a "brand" standpoint, sounds like you might be outta luck. Best of luck!

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That might be the coolest outdoor "track" I've ever seen... If that weren't 3-Days away worth of driving, I'd be there next year haha. This looks SO fun! Elevation, minimal jumps, what jumps there are seems to be extremely safe/forgiving, turn after ... more »

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Justin Hill on a JGR Suzuki sent something huge many years ago as well as Baggett at a different race....both of which I'm not sure anyone else was doing. Don't remember details but that sticks with me for reason.

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Look like stock forks with SGB doing some coatings to them....

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No worries. Honestly, I don't exactly remember BUT it would have been with Motostuff, RaceTeach Titanium, or those 3 websites and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.

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Meaning I can mute the TV and turn on their IG Live video for the commentating?

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Another ones that gets me - “ I won 4th place” (or whatever place). No, no you didn’t…there’s only 1 winner and you finished 4th.

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Thought of a few sayings/comments that are often said that I find annoying haha. 1) When somebody says they "got a 3rd place holeshot".... No, no you didn't. You actually did NOT get the holeshot but rather got a 3rd place start hahahaha 2) Podum interviews ... more »

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Very cool! Congrats!

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Agree. Never heard the name....but A LOT of people now have, including myself :-)

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Anyone know the scheduled start time today? I see there is a Weather Delay....just curious when they are going to run it? Due to conditions, are they shortening the race at all?