Started new thread RV2 - Snowbike Testing 1/17/2018 11:34 AM

Just saw on RV2's Instagram story that he's currently testing a YZF450 snowbike. So this begs the question...what's the chances he races one at X-Games next week????

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Started new thread ArenaCrash - Anyone see the Ghost Ride? 1/15/2018 9:36 AM

Was watching some Arenacross on FS1 yesterday...did anyone else see the guy ghost ride his bike (or attempted at least) at another rider during one of the heat races? I'm not 100% positive but I think is was Mages on a Kawasaki was the one who attempted ... more »

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Started new thread Factory Team Bike Weights - Legal Limit? 1/15/2018 6:38 AM

With the availability of anything/everything Titanium, carbon fiber, magnesium, etc. (and their budgets), are ALL factory team bikes at the legal weight limit? Not sure what that weight limit is in the 450's, but maybe 220? My biggest question would ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Pit Bits from A1! I went overboard on this one... 1/8/2018 7:33 AM

I just wanted to complain about something hahahaha. BTW...Pit Bits are BY FAR the best photo gallery to look at after any racing weekend (SX or MX).

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I noticed that immediately when reading the comment under that photo as well

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People need to get a grip! This is freakin' Fantasy Supercross...and if you paid, it was a whopping $35. Get it together people, this is all for FUN

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Added reply in a thread Tedder - KTM - NO Monster 1/6/2018 5:58 AM

Yes, I think you are correct GP...wealthy family from electrical stuff. Absolutely...PLEASE come spend your money in our sport :-) I'm just surprised how tied that entire family was to Monster and Kawasaki for so long....and now neither.

Started new thread Tedder - KTM - NO Monster 1/6/2018 5:45 AM

Anyone else notice that Dakota Tedder is now on a KTM...but more shocking is there is NOT a single Monster logo anywhere on the bike

He/They was as "Monster" as they came for years and years and years....wonder what that falling out ... more »

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Started new thread Benny Blose - Sleeper? 1/4/2018 5:38 PM

Just Bloss a bit of a sleeper coming in under the radar? Top 10 material at A1?

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Added reply in a thread How many people use GEICO just because they sponsor the FC team? 12/23/2017 3:46 PM

Moto support is the reason I just purchased my second brand new those who support the sport!

Added reply in a thread 1983 Honda CR60 - HELP? 12/17/2017 6:26 PM

I have always been obsessed with these little things. I was born in '84 so it's not like I grew up racing them or anything BUT have always thought they were just badass haha. Oddly enough, my dad had and raced a 1983 it's fitting. The plan, ... more »

Started new thread 1983 Honda CR60 - HELP? 12/17/2017 2:17 PM

Hello all, Curious if anyone has any good info on a 1983 Honda CR60? I purchased one a while back as a project for my 4-year old boy and I to do out in the garage. WE (I'm not doing any of this solo...I want it to be OUR project) started taking it apart

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Added reply in a thread Ok, guys. Show me your 5 favorite team bikes, ever! 12/15/2017 2:03 PM

Maybe it's just because it's TP's but I've always been obsessed with this rad!

Started new thread Filthy Phil - Style Check 12/15/2017 6:09 AM

Not gonna lie...never put Phil in the category of a "stylish" rider or super technical rider...but damn!!! Full JGR Photo Shoot:

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Added reply in a thread 2002-2007 CR250? Love/Hate about it? Video/Write Up to follow... 12/8/2017 8:18 AM

Built this one many moons ago haha. Fun bike to build...but enjoy riding my FC450 more hahaha,19645/setup,36055?scope=newest&cat=Bike+Check&year%5B%5D=2007&brand=916&size%5B%5D=39&engine_type=478 ... more »
Added reply in a thread PED Allegations 12/7/2017 6:30 PM

DEFINITELY keeping tabs on this one!!!!!

Added reply in a thread INSTAGRAM SON! 12/6/2017 1:10 PM

How about it all Instagram - @SLFMotion Twitter - @SLFMotion YouTube - SLF Motion Facebook - SLF Motion LLC ....

Started new thread PulpMX Fantasy SX/MX 12/5/2017 12:06 PM

SO....who's gonna play it AND who's gonna setup a VitalMX league? Giving away 2 KXF dirt scooters if you are unaware of the new happenings....1 to a random player and 1 to the winner....pretty damn cool!

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