Started new thread Daytona - Leaving Some Grass? 3/6/2020 5:27 AM

Per the track map (which means nothing), looks like they may actually keep some of the top layer grass in some sections. Bringing it back old school, I think this would be REALLY cool if they actually left some of it. Thoughts?

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Started new thread 2017 FC450 - Random Dying/Stalling 3/5/2020 4:35 AM

2017 FC 450 with about 30 hours on it. It will simply die at random moments (raced a Hare Scrambles and in 2 hours it probably dies at least a dozen times). TPS is set to 60, idle is set correctly, etc. Just recently read somewhere about maybe the rollover ... more »

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Started new thread Josh Hill - GREAT RIDE 2/29/2020 4:20 PM

Josh was in 19th place at the start (maybe even further back than that) and fought his was up to 10th at the finish...including passing 3-4 guys in the last 2-3 laps. That shows some serious stamina which means some serious work ethic. Good for you Josh, ... more »

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Started new thread Polisport Graphic Guards 2/11/2020 12:56 PM

Someone dial up DeCal Works' legal department

BTW - THANK YOU Polisport for coming out with these!!! Polisport Graphic Guards ... more »

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Awesome looking setup!

Added reply in a thread Cairo,Ga. MX/SX Training Facility for sale to lease 1/31/2020 1:40 PM

So this isn't MTF or GPF? I guess I wasn't aware there was a 3rd in that small town....

Added reply in a thread ESR cylinder machining problems 1/28/2020 9:27 AM

Awesome! Could you shoot me an email at and I'll send you over some prints/files? Thanks man! Blake

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Any of you guys with these fancy machines want to provide me some quotes on producing some Aluminum bicycles parts for my company

Started new thread My Humble STL Impressions 1/12/2020 9:50 AM

Just thought I'd throw out my humble STL impressions from attending last night: 1) Vince Friese is seriously FAST! Whether you like him or not...dude is FAST and proves it with every single gate drop. 2) 2 of the best rides of the 450 Main Event (in ... more »

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Started new thread Status on Josh Grant? 1/2/2020 5:28 AM

Leading up to A1 got me wondering what the status of JG33 is? Obviously the last few years have been random fill-in rides here and there (mind you, good factory rides though)...but is he officially "retired" now? Just curious.

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Can you help me produce some molded carbon fiber bicycle parts....

Added reply in a thread Aftermarket Engine Mount Problems 11/4/2019 5:42 PM At about was Sleeter who's mounts/bike had issues.

Added reply in a thread Jordon Smith's red bull tld helmet and signed jersey worth? 11/3/2019 5:00 AM

It he comes out and wins a Championship aboard his new ride in 2020....those items go up in value.....

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HUH? I'm confused haha

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Feld is gonna Feld....

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So those who were at Press Day, who looked good/comfortable and who looked rough? AC9? CR22? Mookie? TG243?

Started new thread Cyclist - Need a new kit (SLF Motion)? 10/9/2019 6:15 PM

Sorry for the spam but wanted to throw this out there. Just released my 2020 SLF Motion kits today...thought maybe some of you might be looking to get some new cycling gear for the new year :-)

... more »

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So where’s Jason Anderson?

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I just paid $12usd at the motoworld site listed above....and now have coverage for the weekend AND full coverage of Monster Cup :-)

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Thanks Slip!