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As mentioned FAR your best bet would be 1) buying a road bike if you don't have one already (likely you already have one), 2) buying a Wahoo Kickr and 3) signing up for Zwift....and then have fun!

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The winter has set in here in the Midwest which means many hours spent on the bicycle trainer while watching movies/videos on the laptop. Anyone have a good list of moto videos and places to watch them (meaning links)? Not looking for 5-10 minute videos ... more »

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I'm still confused haha

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That’s cool you offering, good on ya 🤙🏼

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Any links to today's (Sunday) racing?

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Surprised not to see a topic on this...or am I missing it somewhere? I see Anderson won, Wilson 2nd, and Reardon 3rd with Justin Brayton winning the Championship. Any other news?

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Anyone else listen to the Dale Jr. pod with Rogan? Pretty good listen...

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Good lord this is getting good!!!

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Maybe this has been discussed, sorry if it has. I know this years RBSR is 2-stroke only...but is there 2 different classes or just "run what ya brung"? I see that AJ Cat is on that KX 125 but then see Dungey on a 250. Just curious as to what the status ... more »

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As in the lot West of the track....the Media/Team parking lot?

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I left the "day parking" lot with a few minutes to go in the last moto (the lot just North of the Leap). I had to have the Tundra in 4WD and still barely got was pretty nasty on the hillside. Just curious how much of a mess it ended up being ... more »

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bone stock

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I always see USA practicing at a few different tracks leading up the MxdN (when it’s overseas)...getting bikes setup and adjust after the trip there. SO, where has all the foreign teams been riding this week getting their bike together? Just a random ... more »

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What's the going cost of just the 2 Adult tickets?

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Anyone see RV2's most recent Instagram post...holy shit is he flying right now! He says he's prepping for the Aussie SX but he hashtags something about Monster Cup. To me, he looks as fast as he ever was....SX in 2019 anyone?!?!

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Maybe I missed a thread but what's the news on JG33? Seems like I recently (within the past day or two) say a Kawasaki post thanking him for his services...meaning he's gone from there? He is retiring, moving to a new team...anyone know?

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My guess would be if the rules are the same as MXGP, then Travis can pretty much run whatever he wants? Isn't the MXGP stuff still pretty wide open as far as "works bikes" is that carbon fiber frame'd RMZ-250 a few years back or the current ... more »

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Josh Hill....

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I thought Pingree was at this?