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Get one and you'll be close! :-)

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We love our 18 150 SX, we work with Jared Steinke and he uses Jim Haeseker Racing for his 2 stroke engine development and tuning. I called Jim and asked his opinion on mods for the 150 and he recommended that we increase the squish, use the KTM hard parts racing

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Hi Cygrace74- What year is your bike? We have kits for a few of the Kawi models. Check price and availability here- Side plate, shroud and seat bolt kits below-

Engine case fastener kit- ... more »
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Good Stuff Fo Sho -

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Looking forward to seeing these at A1!

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We had a 2014 for 4 years, it was blast and had no issues (other than 2 ignition coil failures.....). The 16's were the first year for the new high output / lighter motor and those had some issues, but the 17/18's seem to have the issues addressed and ... more »

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Awesome guys, Keep on Truckin!

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What DavidR said-

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Very Nice Guys! Looking forward to seeing you at Dream Race in a couple of weeks.

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Has anybody seen the rider entry list published online? Checked Washougals site and and, but no luck.

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Must follow! :-)

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Great people- great results!!!

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Hi Premix- I was searching GOOGLE for an image and ran across this pic and clicked on into Vital to find your post. Thanks so much for the kind words! What prompted me to click in, is it looks like you're running stock YAMAHA pads. The way we designed ... more »

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Quick update on the MOTO STUFF Blades for RM- We ran into a little glitch during production that put us a couple of weeks behind. The rotors are now at laser marking getting our logos applied. Should be able to ship the open orders early next week. Thanks! ... more »

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AMA Tech inspection @ 4:30 "SPOKE CHECK" !

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We thought Steve got a promotion or weekend gig with MXA????

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Nice catch!

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Hello FELD- SX streaming package- Hurry up and get this done before we become UFC fans.....

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Hi Guys, Thanks to the friendly arm twisting of Vital members kwenske21 and Dbrunski125 we are making a short run of our Blade rotors to fit the rear of the 2006-2011 RM 125's and 2006- 2012 RM 250's . They are in production now and we expect ... more »