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I had been chasing suspension settings on my 350 for a while. I ended up going completely the wrong direction and was all outta wack. While at the track today I tried out the MXA settings and they’re pretty good. Got me in the ballpark for sure. A quick ... more »

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What's the clothespin on Hill's bars all about?

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Thankfully Fro explained what a swing arm was.

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Looking to "win practice" tomorrow at LACR. Just picked it up last weekend.
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Have you looked into the military? Ive been in for 16 years now (6 active, 10 reserve) and it was the best decision I ever made. Didn't have the money or desire to go to college but wanted to learn a trade. Good benefits and they now have a 401k type ... more »

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I have a 2014 YZ250F with the Cycra shrouds and Works Connection radiator braces. It fits just fine. Cant speak about the 450 fender though.

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A dude called into the pulp show saying he was doing it for A1. I'm pretty sure they have him scheduled to call in on this Monday's show to give a quick review.

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Is that one of those UFO Restyled rear fenders?

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He looks comfortable on that Honda.

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How is that Gorman track? I've been wanting to check it out for a while now. I'm in the AV.

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I saw Cooper Webb at LACR last year. He was crazy fast. The second he would land from a jump he was back on the throttle.

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Looks like someone forgot what login they were posting with....

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Those damn brake issues!!! Well played sir!
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I didn't hear it. He did say "oh the humanity" when J Mart went down.

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Ryan Dungey

What happened to the #5 that used to be under Dungey's number plate?

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I saw on IG that Bisceglia said his Dr. had cleared him to ride. Does that mean he will make the east coast opener?

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I'm new here. I was torn between a craigslist add of the day or a JS7 topic as my first thread. Thanks for the save Look out Below

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YZ250F DR. D pipe that looks like stock pipe. Sweet sleeper pipe!

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450 1. Roczen 2. Anderson 3. Tomac 250 1. Martin 2. Savatgy 3. Plessinger

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I seem to remember Jamie Little interviewing Roger last year. She asked him about retirement and he said "Ill be here as long as Ryan is here" or something of the nature.