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During a walk-around of Alta Motors HQ in Brisbane, California; we pulled out a camera for a bit of video while co-founder Derek Dorresteyn talked about what goes on in the building. It's not the most polished tour video, but it gives a lot of insight to what goes into their Redshift electric motocross bike.

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More factory level riders/factory level bikes and the bikes can be ridden closer to their maximum potential by a larger number of said riders.

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Bad timing with contracts as TLD already had Shane McElrath and Jordon Smith under contract for next year, Sean Cantrell still has one more year on his am-to-pro deal and then Mitchell Falk turns pro at the end of this season. This places four riders ... more »

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I've heard November-ish for the 250...

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I've ran videos of Hill hitting big stuff for weeks on end it feels like, including last week's, ha!

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Cole Seely and Adam Cianciarulo decided to make the best of their time on injured reserve with a little vacation to Barcelona, Spain. From the food, to the clubs.. to going behind the scenes in the MotoGP paddock, it makes for a pretty entertaining VLOG. I mean, really, what else would you expect from AC?

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Coming from the guy who is disgusted by the word KTM.

I never said suck btw, I’m just pointing out the fact that the riders on their 250s are at a disadvantage to any other factory squad in terms of power output. Considering there are some ... more »
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7/2/2018 8:55 AM

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Because their 450 team is full and Alex's worth is on a 250.

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The shock will not fit. The forks would either need different lugs to accommodate the larger axle, or you would need a smaller axle from an 18 and prior along with a 18 and prior hub...unless you can swap the internals in a 19 hub.

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I'm getting it ready this evening. Episode two will go live this upcoming Wednesday. After that, expect one the first Wednesday and third Wednesday of every month. I think GuyB and I are trading off for now. So I'm up the first week of the month and

... more »
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C'mon MrKnowItAll, you should know...

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Fairly lighthearted interview from Jeffrey Herlings after this weekend's Indonesia MXGP.,39438/Slideshow,0/ML512,13480

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And then a hard reverse. Malcolm Stewart pulled holeshots at Geico when he was nearing the north of 210lbs. A good launch and right shifts can make the start. To put my next comment bluntly, if anyone in here thinks the RM-Z250s are making the exact ... more »

Results Sheet: 2018 MXGP of Indonesia
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6/30/2018 10:39 AM

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For our 2018 Shootout, every one of our test rider's worst "best lap time" was aboard the Suzuki and it gave the worst average lap time for each rider. The 450 didn't fair much better... Having ridden JGR's race bike and a Geico Honda within a few months ... more »

Results Sheet: 2018 Southwick Motocross National
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6/30/2018 9:03 AM

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