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No dramas mate, there is quite a notable difference in feel between the contour and evo bar as well! The evo is a lot more forgiving.

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Pro Taper Evo “stock Husqvarna” bend. Pro taper part number 020206.

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ODI emig pro’s are my perfect grip! I’m quite fussy on grips - too thick and they contribute to arm pump and too thin they hurt your hands from over-gripping.

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X-Trig makes one.

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Watch the whiskey throttle show with Carey Hart - should sum things up straight from the man himself.

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Well yes… but which one is actually correct?

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As KTM owns CP you will probably find buying a new model piston will be difficult (like what they’ve done with Akrapovic) you’ll most likely have to go through a KTM dealer.

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That signal would also be known as PWM (pulse width modulation) and the sensor would be digital (hence the 3 wires) - at a good guess.

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Cross reference the hub part numbers between the bike they’re coming from and what you’re fitting them to and if they’re the same you should be good to go. When going from 18” to 19” rims and vice-versa it’s only the spoke length that changes.

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I’ve had a lot of difficulty with helmet sizing as I’m smack bang in the middle of a L and XL in most brands. A TLD SE4 shell in large is only just too small/tight with the thinnest cheek pads and liner, and an XL with the thickest is just too loose. ... more »

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I run 2 sets of wheels; 1 set with “race day tyres” that I only race with, the other set is my “practise day tyres” that cop most of the hours… usually 12-15. When my practise tyres are done, race day tyres become practise tyres and a fresh set become ... more »

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Your phone services cost an arm and a leg over there 😳

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If you watch the part at 3:34.00 of The Whiskey Throttle show with Ryan Dungey, they have a segment with the Motul Guru’s and they go through the differences between road and off-road applications - bloody good listen.

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Might have a bit better luck in the for sale/bazaar section mate.

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I run the Renthal 827-01 handle bars, nice grippy seat cover (on the sides) and some Ti pegs for some added grip with my feet. X-Trig clamps so I can adjust my bar position to what’s comfortable a little easier. Best things I’ve found is take all the ... more »

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Looks absolutely awesome! I’m curious… why ODI and not Renthal on the bars and grips?

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Ben Schiermeyer.

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As a bit of a shot in the dark, I would think it has something to do with supercross being preferred over motocross (given that SX only is becoming quite popular) and the fact it overlaps with the MXGP season makes an attempt to race the GP’s pointless ... more »

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Man I love silly season! Cannot wait to see how all the changes play out!