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That is a beautiful bike mate, so simple and clean

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Good to see the same cockheads ruining a perfectly normal thread

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Those photos of the Bushmen on page 1 remind me of that 80’s classic, The Gods Must Be Crazy. I loved that shit. Cape Town, you guys got water yet? Was looking dire for you guys a while back. Great pics, animals and scenery are stunning

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Fuckin A mate 👌

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Christopher Walken 😒🔫

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Nope, Sir Scrub has all the makings of a shit cunt

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Probably already an idea but I reckon it should be years/points. ~ 6 years or 600 points. Whichever comes first 🤷‍♂️

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Liked a comment on the item @PING 5/3/2020 3:11 AM

"... and I told him I thought his viewpoints were ignorant". Well, that explains that.

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Yeah good for him for being happy etc. But that interview he definitely contradicted himself and waffled especially when some callers asked him questions. But the dude is loving life, so that’s bloody cool

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Fark me. All you cunts have just piled on him based on a screenshot of a social media message, that was pretty ambiguous? How bout you all reign the fuck in and just wait to see what eventuates.

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Why would you care about that mate? Life goes on, high school and college days are but a drop in the ocean for kids

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Fark me, what is it with all these ball bags and “open letters?” 🤦‍♂️

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What were they, the only car brand in the world to not be a manufacturer? I Prob got that wrong. They really stuffed their model decisions, all were pretty much bust and the fleet buyers deserted them. About 3 months ago I said to a mate who is a GM ... more »

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With Cade Clason as the rider? 🤐

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Core filling? I know you said non load bearing, but if you plan to steel and core fill a 6 inch (150mm) block, think again. Pretty much a nightmare

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Maybe just going out on his terms?

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I dunno. That post from Paige where she refers to Dylan just as “the other rider” seems publicly salty (and the Craigs have reason to be) and a little hypocritical. Just a weird way to phrase it if you ask me

Added reply in a thread In other news...Dakar 1/12/2020 1:54 AM Bloody terrible news. He was a gun

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Without being political or anything climate is a factor but fuck me, all of us here ride, and in Aus we probably ride more Bush than tracks, so we see first hand the issue. No wonder the place is lit up! Lock up all the scrub and fail to maintain it, ... more »