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I’ve followed this podcast because I snowboard, cool to see Tyler on there.

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Pattinson was pretty good in Tenet.

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Saw this in another thread (mxking809) J-Mart to PC Jett and Jo to HRC Hunter to FC lite Mumford to JGR

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For lightweight coverage that doesn’t slide down, the TLD Speed Sleeve is nice. More aligned with their MTB protection, won’t do much for impact protection but will stop from tearing up your skin.

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Met my dad and some of his buddies up for a day of trail riding but had to leave early the next morning. Glad I loaded up my bike the night before because I saw this on my way out.

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A couple guys used to bring in their 50s to our local skatepark.. irritated most skaters there. Once one of them cracked a case trying to get out of a quarter pipe and puked oil everywhere, that was the end of that.

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Better product and better company.

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It doesn’t seem to be much different than the previous generation. I had one and plated it, put KX250 forks on it, different carb, etc, and it was “fun” but wouldn’t be on the list if I was buying a trail bike today. Planet KLX was a good site for information. ... more »

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Saw this in a sale group..old news?

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I have the TLD Speed Sleeves that I originally bought for mountain biking, but I wear them when trail riding and they aren’t restrictive or too hot. They are a little snug under some of the slimmer style jerseys though.

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I thought these were pretty gimmicky until I caved and bought it. Great for MTB, even better for Moto. It can be annoying having to reorder the magnet stickers but they post a fair share of discounts and deals on their IG page. ... more »

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I run a mount under my visor (Pro Standard Low Mount?) and the POV is great. I use the Session5 though, anything bigger and it might be annoying.

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$65 shipped

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$55 shipped USA

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No rips, no snags, in good condition. Some very minor dirt stains on pants that were hard to pick up. I think I wore this twice before switching to TLD when this set first came out. Will throw in another Alias jersey (A2). Back of jerseys are blank.

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Bought these off Pinkbike advertised as a 30 waist, took the tags off before even checking them out. They’re a 32, no pads. $70 shipped lower 48 5eight6.3fourfour.79one4 text or PM here.

... more »

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He lost 2017 SX and 2018 SX by 2 points each year and was third overall 2017 outdoors..I think he'll get one before moving up.

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As soon as Ken initiated that pass on Marv..Marv looked spent.