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You really think Honda will let him get away?

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Another con would be the riders wouldn't get any real break. The would go straight from supercross into testing for the outdoors. Then once the outdoors wrap up right into supercross testing. I mean they could take time off but with how competitive racers ... more »

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If thats the case does Plessinger keep his contract extension for 2021 that he has with the current factory Yamaha team?

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Hopefully they still have a works edition for us ol' timers with money to blow.

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Its actually BC and Alberta that are probably the worst for letting people through the border. All they have to do is say they are driving up to Alaska and they are in. Tons of people reporting Americans visiting throughout BC and Alberta.

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I use a Garmin InReach for sledding. Have it pair with my phone so I can send and receive texts throughout the day while travelling in the country. My wife loves being able to check in, or me text her to say all is good. Plus each message also lets her ... more »

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Jealous, us Canadians are hard pressed to get 1 up here. Went to 3 dealerships in my area and none could confirm if they would get one. Might have to make a trip south of the boarder.

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Does the bike turn over but just not fire? Try starting it with the charger directly connected to the battery. I had a similar problem, battery was fully charged but wasn't enough to get my bike going. But with a battery starter would fire right up. ... more »

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Looks like she got 4th in 2018, so obviously not just a 1 off season. Ill have to show this to my girls, maybe get them into riding.

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Except its not free. Everyone thinks we get free healthcare in Canada too but you do pay for it. In your taxes. I bet you would pay a lot less in taxes in the States than Aus, I know I would for sure comparing my Canada tax rate to the States. So really ... more »

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V1 is an entry level helmet where the V3 is the top end model. They use to make a V4 as their high end model but haven't for a few years now. The V doesn't stand for version, just the model name of the helmet.

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Looks to good not to do...

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Closest track to ride near Sherwood Park would be Chaos. Best one in the area in my opinion as well. But for options within 1 hour ish you have BUMP, Chaos, Super Daves, B3 MotoX Park, Xtreme Raceways.

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Done and done, message sent.

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Im overseas at work so can only chat via email or Facebook or whatsapp. Let me know what's best.

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Ill take all 3 pairs of goggles if you include the shipping up to Canada.

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Let if go buddy. He followed as the rules state, they don't require him to reenter the track where he left so why would he? No position gained and reenter at the safest location. Done and done. Make an appeal for the rule to be changed in 2020 if you ... more »

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Did they change the points system this year? You get points based on your overall and not each individual moto scores added up.