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Man, I have nothing to add other than that is a cool fucking photo.

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Hell yeah and sick bike. Currently taking a break from the sport because of school also.

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Ironic since the post was made by a boomer.

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Are jumps on a supercross track ruining racing???? Are dirt bikes ruining supercross????

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AWS has been down multiple times in the past 2 weeks. I have a feeling it's related.

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What did he even say, when you were there?

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Are their flaggers on that jump? Seems like after the incident riders are coming along full tilt. Shit like this sucks. If that 2nd guy was from a previous race, seems like waiting 20 more secs to drop the gate for the pros would have saved a lot of ... more »

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So this is for my 2017 250sx, but it should be similar to the 22. I had both the Bills and PC setups. I prefered the PC over the Bills. I thought the PC was cleaner off the bottom and it also fit better on the bike.

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Love the old school photos. How much was PC and Team Green helping you back in the day?

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fuck off

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I enjoyed it when it got behind the riders, like when it went under the banner. Thought that was pretty cool. Plus I feel it gives a bit more perspective on the difficulty of some of the rhythm sections.

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Its now integrated into the left radiator.

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Was this just released? I checked last week and there was nothing concerning Peacock.

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Pay General Admission, grab a beer, enjoy some moto. Don't stress about the "Super VIP' Stuff.

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100 A-Ray he came all the way over.

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I little off the wall, but try earplugs. I notice my ringing ears cause headaches.

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The episode after the vet nationals back in 2019 is an all time great imo.

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Did Jesse, supply you with customs maps? Or did you keep the TD ones?

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To add change your fuel filter if you haven't already.