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I’ll buy one if Travis only wants one you can email me at If he doesn’t want one I’ll take both

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Do you really think that the average cop and sheriff have more drive and dedication than a professional athlete? Becoming a sheriff isn’t like becoming secrete service or special forces

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So you’re saying for Ken to heal he just needs to clean Webb out?

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Webb always finishes strong its not unusual for him to catch a guy that pulled a gap on him . I can’t see AP giving up a second place spot with so many races left. Guy rode is ass off and just messed up in the last section, I’m sure that last lap felt ... more »

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I don’t think his trainer says anything mean. The guy just has zero talking or persuasion skills. After listening to him brown was probably ready to take a nap. A tee ball coach sounds like his cares more than that guy. I’d think a trainer would posses ... more »

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Juiced cycles

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lol okay I forget you guys just go with the herd My bad Tickle is just as capable as hill and should be making every main, not going through the lcq and constantly top 10.

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An MCR bike hasn’t even been top 10 this year. Do you really think that Tickle is working harder than Justin was?

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I don’t get why the hill boys get so much hate the guys truly love dirtbikes and Justin could still go out and wax every mcr rider. At least Justin was capable of qualifying out of the heat races...

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Be nice if everyone would stop with the laser jokes it was only 10 years ago. It’s not like Jeff’s actions went unpunished Be nice if we could hear from guys like Jeff without them just blasted constantly. In reality Jeff posting on vital is a benefit ... more »

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Buy a wahoo kicker and then get a zwift app A lot of the pros use it too including roczen and AC92

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There’s a reason that tuff block hasn’t been put back there. Also was on the outside of the track so wouldn’t keep someone out of anyone else’s lane. Tuff blocks in rhythm sections make sense tough blocks in the outside lane on landings don’t.

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At least he owned it and didn’t go full Barcia and act confused

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I really didn’t see any blue flags waving. Do they have less flaggers this year? Also the two flaggers I did see were doing a shit job

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Do they have less blue flaggers this year? The two section I saw (can’t replay). The flaggers were kind of doing a shit job

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I’d bet posting a go fund me makes a lot of large dealers kick out a demo. Looks like he got some help from a Yamaha dealer already. Doubt he really thought he’d get $10,000 in donations more of a way to tell people that he has nothing lined up

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Added reply in a thread I messed up and need advice!! 11/20/2020 11:27 AM I’d put a flywheel weight on it. Bikes always feel faster on pavement too

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Bogle might be a super good test rider too. Feel like a lot of teams hangon to guys because they help with testing

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James is the most mentally tough racer out there. I can’t think of anyone that can overcome more fear and setbacks. He could crash on the start have Harley bars and still win, frame a quad and hit it the next lap, or knock himself out at Daytona and ... more »