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Every week, cross jumps, rides the race line then changes mid-corner and messes up.

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Hard to beat. A few in here.

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Always had other bikes. Hence why it just lay there. glad it started up more or less straight away. Looking forward to having a play on it next week. Got a few parts on their way to finish it up. Hopefully the old school Castrol graphics I had made 8 ... more »

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Putting the engine back in the frame.

Cleaning the exhaust back up Starting to look like a bike again ... more »
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A bit of background to the bike. Bought new early 08. Broke the centre cases about a month later from landing short on a reasonable sized double (reckon there was a stone sticking out) , ran the bike dry and complete chewed up the inside. Don't have ... more »

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Looking to do the same build. Need to find a roller. The 200 is just a great engine.

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With the rough below. Your legs will be strong in 4-6 weeks. Sets a good baseline. Is totally achievable with a kettlebell and bike. Cardio Pick a leg based cardio of your choice (Cycling, MTB or running) or ideally a mixture of 2 disciplines. Aim for ... more »

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Krooztune in Australia are the cheapest out there for a variable mid float fork. DIY kit with several valving options.

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Bought the rattray edition in 05. Was my first KTM. Great bike.

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I found the balance another way, by working away from home I get even time off. During that time I spend every other day on a bike of some kind. Even with a family (teenagers) it works well for me. I just make sure when I go out through the week I do ... more »

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Spot on buddy. So many people could be doing with a suspension seminar and some riding schools instead of blowing a ton of money. I always hear that a fork sucks when it can be a simple 1/4 turn on a high speed compression adjuster on a shock to completely ... more »

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Strange how times change. Not so long ago (10-15 years) everyone was trying their hardest to get into the next class. That was also in the days of genuine practice/qualifying and 25-40 rider gates. If I qualified in B's and was in my mind about an A ... more »

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250f all the way. YZF/CRF/KTM/HUS. Any of them are great bikes and don't need much if any work to be competitive at intermediate level. As for the lugability so to speak at the lower RPM's. A simple 1 tooth on the rear or 2 will sort that out and give ... more »

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Different offsets do effect a bikes bias a fair bit. If it has been valved properly for choppy offroad, the HS compression and Rebound stacks will be lighter giving it a busier put plusher feel. The low speed compression stack will also be a little plusher ... more »

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Have a look at 2 stroke performance in Australia. Dave has some excellent results for relatively cheap money. Like 4-5hp in the lower mid range.I think he has just added a US distributor and a UK one to boot. Anyway, might give you enough power to still ... more »

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Local dealer is saying that Gasgas will be the lower end brand of the KTM group. I think the price line will be on Par with the big Japanese 3. I am thinking that they might do more run out models via gasgas. Good way to scrape another year out of a ... more »

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Intermittent fasting on a clean diet. Try going 2 days a week plant based / lower calorie (sub 1200). This will naturally drop you 2-4lbs a week for the first 6-8 weeks. In that time concentrate on a base fitness plan. Body weight/kettlebell style stuff ... more »

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Sorry if it has already been posted. Marc is certainly getting quicker on a dirt scooter and thought it was worth sharing. Love his style.

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Loving it DV. I can't wait to see this one finished. It reminds me how much I hated racing against YZ's from 96. My KX's at the time just could not keep up. Eventually went YZ250 in 01 through to 05. Yamaha woke the 125 class right up from 96-04 with ... more »

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Looking good Ben. Be nice to see it complete.