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No kidding. What does Toyota know about making money?

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Cooper could be the victim of bad timing, i.e. the cameras caught him leaving w/o any background info. Let’s assume he thanked his team manager and mechanics for their efforts this season before departing. It was a crazy year for everyone, and Cooper ... more »

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No drama. As stated, Cooper likely let folks know he was departing, versus simply leaving in a huff because his bike failed. Mechanics and other support personnel bust their butts each week for a fraction of what riders earn. And those same mechanics ... more »

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If he cleared it with Star management, no problem. They are his employer, and it’s not unprofessional to request an early exit. However; if he just walked, that sets a tone...

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Sabbath - “Paranoid” is at best mediocre, but some stuff off the first album is worse. Maiden - “Qwest for Fire”. More like “Qwest for Filler”. Lousy. Stones - “Satisfaction” was great for the early 60’s. Anything after 1985 would beat it to the dumpster. ... more »

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“You Shook Me All Night Long”. I love AC/DC, really gaining an appreciation on the release of “Highway to Hell”. “Back in Black” was a bit of a letdown, with a few highlights, but “YSMANL” just never registered on any level.

Added reply in a thread The dreaded helicopter.... 9/7/2020 8:47 AM Very reasonable personal and family rates. Check the coverage map to ensure they provide services in your area. Our helmets have the AiMed phone number on them, just in case.

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Pastrana on a KTM. Maybe the highest profile retiree?

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I did not know Danny, but I know BAD ASS moto pics! Man, that shot just takes me back to when riding and racing was just balls-out throttle twisting. I’m very sorry for his passing, and that photo was a memory of simpler times. WFO Danny!

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Same here! 3 on the tree, manual steering & brakes, short bed. Cantankerous and ill-handling, I threw it in a ditch 11 days after getting my driver’s license. My girlfriend was picking glass out of her forehead that evening.

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Ferrandis admitted to making a mistake over the finish line jump, and even looked back to check Forkner’s progress. He knew what was coming, so why not check-up in the corner? At that point Forker either overshoots the turn or Ferrandis settles in behind ... more »

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Cycling proficiency is heavily dependent on genetics, so listen to your body. On-line tools and calculators offer very rough targets based on age and weight, and pushing to hit those goals could be counter-productive. Track your own progress, and use ... more »

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My cousin had an old steel go-kart that I drove the wheels off one weekend. Came home begging for a kart, and my dad says “what about a motorcycle?” That was 1977, and it feels like yesterday. Add a ferocious Hurricane to the mix, and 43 years later ... more »

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September 12, 2001. Gates of Buckingham Palace.

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"WHAT IS YOUR WAR CRIMINAL ID!" Ah, yes. The joys of SERE school.

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Maybe not "bad", per se, but overrated is "Once Upon a Hollywood". Just kinda droned on with no real purpose. And Brad Pitt won an Oscar for his outstanding portrayal of...Brad Pitt.

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This, and only this, according to the first law of thermodynamics. Even people with pituitary issues cannot generate “something out of nothing”, which gaining weight while in caloric deficit would be.

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Damn Skippy! I’ve been waiting for years as well! That shirt has such a retro, relaxing vibe. I love how the imagery takes you to an “endless summer”, right in your own back yard. Career-wise, I’ve been very fortunate. Great experience at college, followed ... more »

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You are correct in that Ebola’s mortality approached 50%, while Coronavirus is closer to 2.5-3%. The differences are 1) Ebola’s symptoms were outwardly present in nearly 100% of cases, while people can carry and transmit the Coronavirus without exhibiting ... more »

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Well, Larry Ward wouldn’t sign my cast! So I’m entitled to fake anger! He did go on to dice it out with Jimmy Button in the second moto, right up to the checkers, which I considered a personal tribute to me and my broken wrist. The End.