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Cycling proficiency is heavily dependent on genetics, so listen to your body. On-line tools and calculators offer very rough targets based on age and weight, and pushing to hit those goals could be counter-productive. Track your own progress, and use ... more »

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My cousin had an old steel go-kart that I drove the wheels off one weekend. Came home begging for a kart, and my dad says “what about a motorcycle?” That was 1977, and it feels like yesterday. Add a ferocious Hurricane to the mix, and 43 years later ... more »

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September 12, 2001. Gates of Buckingham Palace.

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"WHAT IS YOUR WAR CRIMINAL ID!" Ah, yes. The joys of SERE school.

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Exactly. The actual ratio could be 1 in 2000, making COVID 19 look even more sinister when compared to influenza.

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18K influenza deaths out of 25M diagnosis is 0.07%, or less than 1 in 1000. Conservatively Coronavirus is taking 20+ lives per 1000, and over 50 in Northern Italy. (For comparison, auto accidents claim 1.25 in 10.000 annually.)

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Of that list, only influenza and COVID 19 are communicable. Unlike influenza, there is no vaccine to curtail COVID 19’s mortality rate. Yes, 8810 is but a small fraction of 10.5M. However, COVID 19’s numbers will continue to escalate while the other ... more »

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Underappreciated post. Well played, sir. Well played..

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Maybe not "bad", per se, but overrated is "Once Upon a Hollywood". Just kinda droned on with no real purpose. And Brad Pitt won an Oscar for his outstanding portrayal of...Brad Pitt.

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This, and only this, according to the first law of thermodynamics. Even people with pituitary issues cannot generate “something out of nothing”, which gaining weight while in caloric deficit would be.

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The question remains: does canceling events have any measurable impact on the virus’ proliferation? We’re not shutting down state borders, restricting travel, or quarantining impacted areas, so the vast majority of the population will continue to mingle ... more »

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Damn Skippy! I’ve been waiting for years as well! That shirt has such a retro, relaxing vibe. I love how the imagery takes you to an “endless summer”, right in your own back yard. Career-wise, I’ve been very fortunate. Great experience at college, followed ... more »

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You are correct in that Ebola’s mortality approached 50%, while Coronavirus is closer to 2.5-3%. The differences are 1) Ebola’s symptoms were outwardly present in nearly 100% of cases, while people can carry and transmit the Coronavirus without exhibiting ... more »

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Well, Larry Ward wouldn’t sign my cast! So I’m entitled to fake anger! He did go on to dice it out with Jimmy Button in the second moto, right up to the checkers, which I considered a personal tribute to me and my broken wrist. The End.

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PW50 + small private track + getting back into riding = mid-sized air-cooled bike. Bullet proof, performs well at slow speeds, and a “10” on the fun factor. Plus a lot less noisy. Get a full sized bike later. Meanwhile, just have a good time with your ... more »

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If there’s even a debate, then the rider doesn’t qualify. To gain “legend” status, the consensus must be universal, or damn close. Hannah, McGrath, Carmichael all qualify without reservation. RV? Lots of titles, but not as dominant as RC nor charismatic ... more »

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While likely a paraphrase, it’s not inconceivable that DeCoster gave Webb a motivational speech, not due to results, but intensity. There was a distinct difference in Cooper’s riding during the last two rounds, reflecting an aggression missing from the ... more »

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JA21 punched his meal ticket hunting down and passing a star 250 Kawi rider. DF is repeating history, and unless Forkner steps up to the plate, the next big money 450 contract will swing Dylan’s way. Just a question of which team puts together the best ... more »

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I left the navy in ‘94...and still have dreams (nightmares?) about hitting or narrowly avoiding power lines.

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Post above offers a reasonable assessment of the incident. Weather conditions & visibility can change radically and quickly, going from VFR to IFR in a matter of seconds. We frequently encountered similar conditions during low-altitude training flights ... more »