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I have to shave daily in my profession. I use Dollar Shave Clubs good blades with shave butter, on point.

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Lol easy homie.

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I’m from NY as well, grew up in Vernon (near you). Went to Tomahawk in WV one year. Including gas and the room, the 4 of us brought $500 each and we were fine. I don’t really know what it would cost if I was going alone. But as the guy above me said, ... more »

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This not granite this is limestone, this is what make the Dolomites and this whole region what it is get it right !

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Sounds like the whole team is until they bring the 2021 up to snuff.

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That whole state is a sham.

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“Rookie GASGAS rider Isak Gifting was running up front and showing impressive speed, but hit the ground too often to stay in a good position. He came away with 8th overall.“

Having 8th overall as a rookie is apparently not a good position. :facepalm:

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I like the way you do bidness.

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No, you do not need a course to ride on a closed track, or even trails for that matter. It’s a hobby, not a mode of travel on the road.

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Watching someone that rides will balls and heart makes me want to ride a lot more than watching someone that is “smooth and graceful”. Just me tho.

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Ya, Dick.

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Looks like chewed up bubble yum.

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Wrong sir, that is luminescent gun metal.

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If you haven’t seen, he uses the same address a few times.

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What’s that stuff on the side of the air box? Skateboard tape?

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Man, that bolt and nut combo is a thing of beauty.

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Lol Gretzky and Lemieux would get waxed in today’s age of hockey. The athletes of today’s game are Olympic status in physical endurance, strength, and skill. They were not back in the day. The same applies to Mx.