Added reply in a thread HPI Ignition Systems 8/18/2020 5:56 AM

What spark plug are you using on your 81 YZ125? Looking for the right plug to use? Was told a BR9EIX but want to confirm.

Added reply in a thread Webco Honda head 1973/1975 5/4/2020 11:02 PM

That’s not for an Elsinore.

Added reply in a thread Progress photos of my second project bike, a 2000 YZ125... 3/20/2020 9:29 PM

Highlight of my week reading this. Keep the updates coming!

Added reply in a thread '76 CR125 Elsinore race build help... now with links 2/24/2020 9:11 PM

A ton of good info in here. Mr. Joe and I will be building a 74 CR125 motor this upcoming weekend with one of the new Vintco cranks ($329...a bargain). I also have several year models of these CR's and prefer the combo of the 76 model pipe with the 78 ... more »

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This should be a great event? How are the teams shaping up?

Added reply in a thread Tomac depressed about Kawabunga not racing MXON? 8/11/2019 6:31 AM

Simple fact, Tomac is just not into MXoN and this year is just another excuse. Personally, I'm glad he's not going because I want people on this team who want to be there. For all those people who say it doesn't matter they are full of it. Win on this ... more »

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Good luck to the team. Disappointed though with the guys that aren't going, them, their teams, etc. I would have liked to see Webb or Barcia even on a 250 instead of Cooper.

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Like Brian said the porting is different. I'll pull a couple and try to get some shots to show.

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Nice....PM sent. I'm somewhat local and would be interested in putting it back on the track.

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Livalo is the one I could actually take without having muscle cramps continuously. It did reduce my cholesterol to a manageable level and I can moto! It is pricey and "non-formulary" but they have a discount card program to get it to $18 a month. Someone ... more »

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Start the outdoor series in Texas, then another direction up. Mid May vs the first week of June is a difference. IMO, there will not be another outdoor national in Texas unless a really fat check is written. Not happening. Freestone was not that bad ... more »

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I didn't see anything wrong with it. Eli has done the same thing. He jumped back into the middle of the corner and the racing was tight, what did he expect was going to happen? Marvin certainly wasn't going to not try. Eli is a baby and it showed again ... more »

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The Hahn brothers. Old school, I would say Bob and Billy Grossi or Gary and Dwayne Jones.

Added reply in a thread Does 22 get a top 10 finish this season? 2/15/2018 8:52 PM

If still healthy towards the end of the season he should make the top 10. Basically anyone hanging around 12th currently should be top 10 by end of season due to attrition.

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It has been pretty bad this year and the thing making more noticeable is Jeff and all his misses and contradicting statements. Not sure what is up with him but he really seems to be half-assing it. Ralph just says stupid stuff and that hasn't changed ... more »

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This isn't the first time he has been knocked off either from my recollections.

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I thought this thread was about bitching....even more irony. Ryan Dungy next?

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What's wrong with you people? The gap between mains is just enough time for me to change a top end?

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Looking at lap times it does appear Webb had the speed and on the final lap he still ran a good time so he has some endurance. The wreck early obviously was no help and I'm sure there is so much running through his head at that point. He needs a good ... more »

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The guy will have 2 good rides at best in him and that will be by default. Race pace for the entire main is just not in the cards.