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OP I know this isn’t the question but this is for anyone considering lowering bikes as a few of you suggested. If you decide at some point to lower any bike (which in my opinion is a huge step in the wrong direction for many reasons) be ready to do a ... more »

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When you’re actually in the corner, you should not be braking or using the clutch, because it unsettles the suspension and throws everything off. Instead, get all of the braking done before entering the corner (front/rear combo but preferably none at ... more »

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I don’t race woods but all the principles still apply. Basically what I’ve found is that gripping with your boots/knees to grab on the ‘meat’ of the bike really helps. If you don’t do this, you are essentially in a constant pullback trying to hold on ... more »

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Better field of view and peripheral vision than any goggle I’ve ever worn. Went into the shop and looked at 100%’s top goggle, as well as Fox Vue, Oakley airbrakes, and just gotta say I was impressed. Not only that but the lenses on just about all the ... more »

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1. Don’t play arcade mode 2. Obviously use a controller 3. Download other tracks the stock ones are ehh 4. Ride on the lowest stability setting you can (I.e. I ride mine at 12). Increasingly go lower as your skill goes up. 5. Make it a habit to sit in ... more »

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Don’t know what all this is about blue label not being durable, but I’ve had some pretty hard crashes in blue label and it hasn’t ripped yet, it just stretches and comes back to its shape. Not only that but IMO on a hot day it’s a life saver, other gear ... more »