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@JM485 Congrats on the new business venture. I'm curious how much that 3d printer set you back? I see a huge array of pricing as well as options. Did you know on places like thingverse you can PRINT your own upgrades for your printer like brackets to ... more »

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It means you may struggle at first so what you should do is wildly adjust your clickers in ways that make no sense and go back out and ride your first Pro Vet Practice moto without finding put how the changes will affect the bike . ..make sure you get

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Thats the sugar ray version I'm pretty sure...well it uses them in the credits and it is Big Black Woman I always took it as "Big Boned Woman" like he took home a fat chick ......them woke up to the grizzly sight ....DAM!

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See my profile

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Mike "The Sandbagger" Brown?

I keed I keed ... more »
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Sick broadie on the podium!!

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The fact that we cant EVEN WATCH the goddam races 2 or 3 days ....make that ANY days at all after its aired just flat out infuriates me!!! I guess I'm going to have to get the package next year just to WATCH the races at all and that f*#kin SUCKS!! Why ... more »

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Yea it strikes me as so BIZARRE to see a 2 rider factory team at the highest level where one rider has numerous mechanical problems while the other rider has had zero problems. I cant remember ANY year where a factory team or rider has had so many mechanical ... more »

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rhargrave431 makes a seriously valid point though. I get "the connections" thing but who would have the authority and freedom to take a million or millions of any company's revenue and justify spending it to help a dirtbike racer that's not only in his ... more »

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Ummm ya ur rite

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I would almost kinda try just a wee bit to kinda sorta almost agree BUT having actually sold bikes at 2 different dealerships of which has recently basically consumed almost the entire Orange County market by buying up all of their competition ... more »

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So random, literally a day or two ago I was looking at T-Blaze's GP's Classic Steel on the 89-92 Suzuki RM250's and I remember my main riding buddy got a 1990 RM250. I had an 87 CR250 and man, I was always in awe of how cool these bikes looked ... more »

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If James was able to ride ANY bike other than the 2010 and 2011 YZ450f he'd have way more titles. I wish he couldve stayed on that 09 YZ450....I have no doubts that bike wouldve been unreal with efi added. I wish Yamaha had held off on the first gen

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@kdubsteezy DUDE you may or may not want to believe thins but that OEM stock pipe was seriously the best pipe for these CR250's bar none. Done even worry about getting an aftermarket sure there are plenty of people on her that would concur ... more »

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Dudes 2002 CR250 with Boyesen pro series reeds, an FMF sst and a shorty, one of those power now carb air splitter wings and some seriously crisp jetting that bike had a top end pull that Ive never been able to get close to with any other ... more »

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One of my favorites of all the whiskey throttle shows it was really good. "I dont know if you know this but i was known to get bad starts"

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Hey Hammer, about a month ago I had some unknown inspiration to start growing a luscious mullet.....Now I know its purpose! Im coming for sure, my mulla-cabrus will be at least 32% longer in the back giving me a perfect 32-1 ratio just in time for straight ... more »

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Cole Seely just took his shirt off

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To the post above that's not always true I prefer nineteen's because an 18 feels kind of sluggish to me on the track but it depends on what biker riding on a 450 I don't think it matters as much but on a 250 2 stroke or 125 19 all the way for me

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can you BELIEVE he only took 1 WEEK to get used to the bike???????????????????? Like Oh My GAWD!!! He MUST be superhuman or something after spending his entire career on a Honda except for minis. I just heard Langston talk about how Alex Martin is STILL ... more »