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For an exhibition race that's going to seemingly be more about the show than an actual race? That's the vibe I'm getting from it

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I bought 2 gallons straight from the pump at the airport the day before I went riding and my KX250 had never ran better.....100% avgas used for premix no 91 pump gas Exactly 1 week later same track, same gas that was still in my bikes gas tank, I'd get ... more »

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Maybe he spends more than he reasonably should to live there 🤣 .... god knows I paid extra to live close to the ocean in Huntington for close to 20 years and it was worth every extra penny vs anywhere Inland. Having worked for a dealer for almost 5 years ... more »

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I was gonna say.....theres NO better answer to this thread than Glovers YZ490. Not only were the works Hondas substantially superior, Gkover was riding a production based YZ490 not a works level of what was available kind of bike at the time.

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Best YZ graphics.....EVER

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I put a brand new plug in at the track it didnt change a thing and the fuel (100ll avgas) was exactly 1 week old straight out of the pump at the airport. I know race gas is supposed to be drained after a few weeks but just 1 week?

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Hey I really need your guys 2003 KX250 started doing something strange. Went to the track (2 hour drive) this weekend and started my bike, everything sounded fine and crisp it even started first kick. Went out to warm up on the track and ... more »

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I remember those BIG ASS jumps...hit em all they were fun!!!!

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I run a taller seat, sometimes taller bars depending on the bike but by far the best thing I've ever done at 6'3" is the fastway f4 pegs they not only go lower they move back too giving our big ass feet more room between the shifter and brake pedal. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Differences between fmf 4.1 and powercore4? 4/30/2020 5:28 PM get an extra .1 from fmf when you buy the 4.1 vs the 4. 😂

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I love how theres an overwhelming amount of downvotes for every comment in this thread 😂

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That bike is beautiful.....just the other day a friend of a friend showed up to the track with a 2001 CR125 in the same exact condition still had the stock steel bars on it too!

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What a coincidence.....I just bought a set for my kx250. I'm 6'3 and any bike I had these pages on did make a huge difference for me in the lower position, not only bec they're lower but moved back also. It helps with being more centered on the bike. ... more »

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Yea I thought it was HIS team no????

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Haha ....oh that thread was priceless!

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I rode MMX in Marysville was PACKED! Same with E-Street next door

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How many acres do you think the actual track itself covers??

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He wouldnt be able to qualify on any 2 stroke....not even Webb's factory built KTM300sx....I'm sorry but it's a reality. Post qualifying race interviews would have a bevy of reasons highlighted by "if I had more time to test and develop the bike" "There ... more »

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I think it would be really cool to nickel plate the frame, it's not a chrome finish and will literally look like an aluminum framed YZ250. There are 2 guys that did their 03 - 07 KX250's frame like this and not only did it turn out fantastic, they said ... more »