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Oops I meant lites

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Anyone here consider Jason may be waiting until he is eligable to ride lifestyle again before he makes a comeback? Could be why he is sitting it out for so long and all the negative comments about what he is currently doing could be way off base?

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Post it up at 2800 or 2900 and bottome line 2500 after your "obo" and you should be set ....yea it sucks 2 strokes aren't worth that much anymore but neither are the 4 strokes ....found an 06 rmz450 with 10-12 hours on it a few aftermarket pieces but ... more »

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EXACTLY why I switched back ....for FUN. Ever notice anytime a pro or your average rider gets off a 2 stroke they always include the word "fun" in relation to riding a smoker? Hmmm there must be something to that

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In top end pull?

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Best performing dirt bike I have ever owned ...get it @flanard do they really need stiffer clutch springs? Never heard of that but with mine when I'm wfo it does feel like the clutch is slipping ...... Mine is bone stock except for a fatty pipe and stiffer ... more »

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I'll bet you it is too ......I've blown out 3 third hears on ny bike over the years completely different models but I've found 3rd to be the weakest gear by far in all my hondas prob Bec it gets used 90% more than any other gear

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Same here ...... Not a fan of ANY aluminum frames at all they can take a good hit and keep going straight imo that's the only benefit. Stark frames can be made as light if not lighter. After switching back to steel all my 06 rm250 I can from a big difference ... more »

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This always makes it in within 5 posts ..... There is no way a 350 can compete just no way at all. All the euros are running big bores period..... Not burning ya reese its just that KTM has offered plenty of legitimate times to have the engine checked ... more »

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Who cares about deegans smirk really? Yes they have beef ....what I'm getting at is that the "smirk" could easily be misread......but that has little to do with this thread imo. With regards to what direction this thread should've taken, here is my observation, ... more »

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Rather odd pipe and tank configuration....looks like a hybrid between a 250 and 500 Bec the 500 had no radiator shroud and the pipe ran up high on the bike

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And canard .... All 3 would be cool huh?

...... But everyone here says no way it can't be I think its an interesting theory
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EXACTLY......some of you are complaining about no EFI when you have no idea if it works better than a carb and dont give me the bog issue, yes it happens (happened to me broke (t4 t5 t6) but the carb on the ktm450 is just fine dont be so materialistic ... more »

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It's about freakin time! ..... I can't believe how many tearoff's I see all over the tracks at a sx and especially in the nationals....let alone the mess they leave at the local tracks most of the time they are filled back into the dirt! .....Redonkulous ... more »

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Some if you pandering sx only "if you only had to work 6 months instead of 12 ..... Blah blah" sure maybe it works for the rider but it doesn't garner big fan support and very rarely after the first year sx only do they come back with that edge imo... ... more »

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Kind of off the Wall question DV ..... Since the 04 and up rm250's have made an exact copy of the yz250 engine do you think there jetting specs will work tthe same? I'm running an fmf pipe with a v-force as well

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what if 5 41 and 22 all rode together that would be dirty.

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It seems as if EVERYONE that works at the races has a nickname..... Riders managers mechanics etc. Always wondered why that is

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You know what I'd do if I had a million bucks? ....... 2 chicks at the same time, chicks dig dudes with money and if I had a million bucks I think I could pull it off

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Yes there is! Found out the hard way when I put one on my 250 from my 450 the guys at pc swapped it out for me for a great price I was so thankful for them doing that BTW I have that 450 shock clevice anodized red for sale if anyone wants it shoot me ... more »