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Id love to see this post re-opened at supercross' years end and see how close their estimations were in comparison

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My top 5: 1) Literally 2) Woke 3) Racist 4) Like (want a fun drinking game, drink everytime someone says "like") 5) Mask up

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Take a listen to Frank Foster, he's one of my wife's and I's fave. I believe he's independent, none of the new main stream boy band music that they call "country" today.

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I think we should make them apologize for something 30+ years ago. Then we should cancel them and call them racist for not updating the 2-stroke line-up.

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No surprise to me one bit. My neighbors just put their 3 bedroom, 1 bath 1968 rambler on the market last weekend. Asked $340k (which is still too much). Bidding war insued. House was sold by Sunday for $520k - cash up front. Its nuts man. Feel bad for ... more »

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Not even close. Politicians and Land Developers killed another track. It wasn't the noise, the dust, the 4 strokes, the 2 strokes, etc. Welcome to the spread of "Californication". Just ask Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, Texas, and a track near ... more »

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Chrome KX80 with a #1. Dude was badass from the get-go.

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@JM - "And for people dumping their gas in their yard, Jesus fucking Christ man I can’t even believe people are still this stupid knowing the things we know now adays. Question for you. What exactly are the "things we know now adays"? Ive read through ... more »

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Seriously? Only on Vital can a simple question about how YOU clean your air filters turn into an environmental and "expose yourself to fumes" and some guys "are just stuck in their old ways" conversation. Get off your high horse. How many trees were ... more »

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1) Clean filters with gas 2) Dip/Rinse in 5gal bucket with warm soapy water 3) Air dry 4) Oil. I use either Bel-Ray or Torco filter oil, personal preference. The trick here is to save an old French's mustard bottle and keep your filter oil in that. That ... more »


There are not enough "likes" for me to give out for this post. He's right. Politicians have turned this state to shit. Well, let me re-phrase that, the politicians that were voted in by the people turned this state to shit. I know this is Non-moto and ... more »

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So is your gargling the balls of everything Honda related. Do you stroke the base of the "wing" and finish with a facial or go all in and swallow?

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Isn't that basically the same blueprint the wheelie boys use?

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Then why have it in the first place? Why not just an up vote button? We are all, somehow, someway involved in this sport enough to form this motorcycle community on Vital...why have the availability for negativity?

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...and yet they can't sell their own t-shirts and memorabilia to help advance their careers, put themselves in the public eye and help show off sponsors?

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I just bought a new Honda generator the the other day if that makes ya feel any better.😏😏😏