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For sale is a Honda CRF100 Conversion that is in immaculate condition. Bike has been custom built using nothing but the best parts available, including some one off parts that have been hand crafted/machined/welded by BBR Motorsports, so it truely is ... more »

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Seat foam? It looks like she shaved.

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Seat Bounce?

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Unfortunately yes. ^^Good post

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I think its looks awesome. It's clean. Both Jersey and Pants give plenty of room for corporate sponsor logos instead of them getting lost in a cluster-fuck sea of horshit designs from some of the other gear manufactures

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And that my friends is what the US Nationals are missing and need...involvement from ALL the manufactures. Cool bike

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Both SX and MX is on LIVE TV now....on major networks like NBC and CBS!!! Shouldn't be any complaints about anouncing if you ask me. There are bigger fish to fry (like why they need to bring back the 125cc class)

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No East/West Series and run the same 20 laps/program as the big boys.Kinda like the NHRA does...Funny cars has the same program as the Top-Fueler's..etc. Personally, I would love to see a third class for privateers. This could open the doors for smaller ... more »

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And don't forget about McGrath as well. He was pretty damn fast in those Chaparral years and a favorite to win the title the same way both Reed and Stewart were/are. Is he a good manager? Of course he is, there is no denying that at all. I just don't ... more »