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On my 21 YZ250F and 19 YZ250F, we have only had issues using the cold start knob. Of course a little different then a 450 but still same design. Ive had plugs foul from using it. I never use it now. Just massage the estart every 15-20 seconds until the ... more »

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Must be hard for this guy to walk everywhere with a helmet on and coming home from the short bus. Say a prayer for those less fortunate...

Added reply in a thread Is this gonna be the most unpredictable season ever? 1/16/2022 1:05 AM

Its been like this the last 3 years. For the most part, everyone has a good machine and program. What it comes down to is surviving the training during the week and staying on two wheels in the main.

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Anyone who says that Oakland was one lined needs to be UA'd. They are on something

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ICW got my brothers YZ250F rads back in shape. Left rad was twisted into oblivion. Straightened it out and braced it up. Good turn around. Took about a week there and back. Excellent work, welds are clean. A real professional

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Its an AMA rule now. No additions to helmets in AMA sanctioned events. Last year it was just amateur races, I reckon due to contract obligations to GoPro in pro events.

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Notice his silence. Id shut up too

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The real question is... why do some of you guys care so much?

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He got REALLY lucky on the endo in the whoops. At least he got out of the whoops before the endo

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Tell us why *EXACTLY* they are bad. I think they have been good so far. Havent seen much follow the leader as far as Supercross goes.

Started new thread The 125 getting some serious TV time! 1/15/2022 7:26 PM

Super stoked to see! Love it

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Deals can be had. But yes, the owner has to live under a rock when it comes to market value. May of 2020 we managed to pick up a clean 2019 YZ250F for 5200. I called him within 2 hours of him posting the ad told him id buy it and proceeded to drive 3 ... more »

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I prefer the Star Yamaha AM bikes. Blue front fender.

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Its more of a liability thing over a machine prep thing. When I picked up my 21 YZ250F, dealer told me take it easy on the first ride. No more than 3/4 throttle. I said okay then that very weekend I made sure it was fully warmed up then rode it. With ... more »

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Get fresh gas in it. Of course make sure the bike is fully warmed up. You can get a bike to bog if it isnt warmed up yet. If that doesnt fix it, you could have a dirty injector from it sitting for 3 months. (Very likely if you have to use Ethanol gas). ... more »

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Mega unlucky

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Hes never been an opener kind of guy. First 3 rounds he just rolls around and gets 3-7th. Then gets it sorted

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Exactly and? What are you trying to say there. To me, it looks like Craig baited Shimoda. And Hunter was waiting for a complete drop hence the slow get off. If you are trying to imply a conspiracy, then idk

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Perhaps gives him some wiggle room to bait his competition. If that was the plan, then it definitely worked lol.

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100% he goes down if he doesnt get hit by lawrence, if that happens Hunter falls on top of him. Ive never seen contact like that work out in both riders favor