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So when will they be in dealers is my question

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My 2010 did something similar. Turned out to be a pinched head o-ring which allowed it to suck coolant and eventually air from the cooling system causing a lean runaway.

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Check your reeds. My 17 is at 10 hrs and I haven't had a problem with the mikuni from 50 degree to 75 degrees. About 800-1000 ft elevation, one up on main all stock otherwise 60-1 with motorex premix. Check your reeds that seems to be the main issue ... more »

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I tore my labrum a couple years back. Had a scope surgery with 4 sutures. No issues now but was a decently long recovery. It will not heal itself.

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I my split chamber hondas I've always ran Honda hp4m on the engine side and gn4 in the transmission side. If you can get it locally that's what I'd recommend. It's good stuff. Just never run hp4m in the trans side, your clutch will slip

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Added reply in a thread RMZILLA or RM250/125AF? 1/25/2017 3:05 PM That's the link to his for sale ad, his contact info is there. I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

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07 rmz450 250af a friend of mine built last year, currently for sale
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I asked two dealers when buying my 17 ktm to receive it in the crate, both looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. One said it's required they assemble it, truth or not who knows.

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I have a 17 ktm, jetting all stock but went up one on the main (seemed to help extend power before sign off just a bit, noticeable difference), running motorex 60:1 but it's up to you what you want to run your bike at, 60:1 works fine but it obviously ... more »

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Definitely not much of a handful, coming off a 450 I borderline feel like the bike is slow, it's really easy to ride compared to older 2 strokes I've had. Thanks for the advice though gonna try it out! Also started out with a 49t never rode with stock ... more »