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I tried sending it on a ramp 7-8 years ago, ate shit almost instantly, knocked out a few teeth and couldnt walk for a week or two. Pics turned out nice though so go for it

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Not to have a energy drink sponsor? In this day and age where basically every top tier rider has some kind of energy drink sponsor, weather its personal like Roczen with RedBull or Monster Kawi/yamaha, Gajser has none? I mean several world titles later

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If youre riding where my 3 screws flew off, a flat tire is the least of your problems buddy

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This was my first bike, it had twin Öhlins shocks in the rear since the previous owner worked there, tried finding it again but i think we sold it in 98 or 99
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Perfect day, it worked way better than i expected but i couldnt really keep up with the 450s with real studded tires, i think i lost 3 screws in total on the rear tire after a full day ... more »
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242 1984, the last year they made the 2 door, bought it in 2012 as my first car and its been sitting for a couple of years now waiting for a 16V group H heart surgery...
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Probably the worst thing ive ever done and it probably wont work but who cares, 90 minutes and 750 13mm screws in total. Probably the most fun i can get for 18$ this winter atleast ... more »

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Saw a instagram post about something that involved drilling holes in a frame.

Went on swapmotolive and gave it a listen, and according to Donn, he lent out a bike that was ment for a shootout, to Ride Engineering so they could test fit their ... more »

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Saw this on the weege show, apparently Webb had this written on his pitboard for Roczen to see when they were sitting on the gate
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The ktm engine is nothing less than excellent, the power, weight, compact size and durability is in a class of its own.

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Id personally like to see it, but its a long shot

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In the recent Dirtshark video, he talks to mitch after timed quali and he says that his collarbone broke, and that it would be plated the day after (last sunday). Nobody else seems to have gotten that info

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Kinda dissapointed to not see a Bigfoot photoshop yet

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Yoshimura just won
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Well this is fucked, anyone got a better idea?
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Nice! Who made the no fear gear? Unless its NOS?

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Nope, best guy in sweden makes zero dollars racing (give or take), #1 Filip ”fillibang” Bengtsson rides and works for the same team Bloms MX, so he races in the weekend, works in the shop during the week. Gole, Östlund and Gifting make a living out of ... more »

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How about paying 1300$ for a stainless Yosh that weighs more than stock, cracks everywhere after about 30-40 hours, sounds 2-3db louder and basically gives no added performance? Probably sounds great to me because i have 4 of them laying around now

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THQ nordic bought Milestone... so they are infact making these games aswell