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Found this picture from the Motocross museum in sweden, saw this bike when i was there last year also, does anybody have any backround info on it or first hand experience of it? Looks wicked cool either way.

Was Mugen their race division before ... more »

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No harm taken, this is the internet, i could be off way worse

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Calm your tits, we have different plastics and graphics on the way home, i didnt want to ruin the stock plastics on the first run, as we were riding on a snow mixed rainy day of -0 degrees C. Life aint easy in scandinavia

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Not quite sure as its my friends bike, i just put on some protective film, but i wouldnt be surprised, his other bikes have sharpie graphics allover, looks sick

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I have 2 Shoei helmets, 1 Leatt and 1 Just1 carbon helmet which i won along with a pair of Dragon NFXS2

The just1 is rather large in its sizes, but i definitely like it more than my Leatt and just as much as my Shoei's. I hate heavy ... more »
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Me and my friend broke our bikes in today, ducttape is the eight wonder of the

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Yep, its om youtube, some guy posted it in the Friese vs JA thread

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Love the karma being delt out, gutted about the fact that dungey will win easily

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I hope you have another exhaust for it, putting a platinum pipe on such a great looking bike should be punishable by death

No offense though, great work so far, i bought a -06 250R 2 months ago, as soon as i get my -17 crf450 im gonna tear ... more »
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Fuck, i was hoping for a mudder

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THANK YOU! Been waiting forever for someone to take notice of his A1 results, he was like 1 second behind Peick in the heat or semi or whatnot, and 2 places away from it in the LCQ? Running alongside Pourcel, Peick and alot of others, on a privateer ... more »

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Noone mentioning Norén? Like 1 or 2 spots away from the main, all through the heat, semi and lcq, on a privateer 250? Keeping up with peick, pourcel and the rest? Come on give the underdogs some credits

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Agreed, it wasnt THAT hard of a hit, but this being the 1000th time it had to take its toll. I dont think he has anything left in the bag for 2017 and beyond, spend time with your kid, make a comeback when you are 40 as the oldest heat race winner in ... more »

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Yes, you hate suits. We get it, move on.

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Agreed, been on hondas for over a decade, decided to try something else for a change. Bought a -16 450sxf, i managed to get 40 hours on it over the entire -16 season (march-october), the rest of the time it was in pieces. I broke my forks upwards about

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I have one reserved, just waiting for it to show up

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I bought a Leatt aswell, i have no problems other than that i ride Dragon goggles, and they dont fit together AT ALL. 1-1,5cm space between my cheeks and goggles, instant roost in my eyes, partially blind for a week, so its probably been used 8-10 times ... more »

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Yeah should have been more specific, i bought 12 sets of pants, shirts and gloves (not sure about helmets yet), but they are both for me and my 2 teammates, so more like 4 sets of gear each

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I dont get the hate towards Fly either, best gear ive ever had, i just bought 12 pairs of gear to next year

this '14 gear is my all time favourite ... more »
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Im lucky my old relatives fled from Finland then i guess

, i ordered one as soon as i could, and i got the price of 82.900kr (8900 USD) without my discount included, looks like i should buy a couple of these and sell them to the east ... more »