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Larry , yes Allen is Ronnies Uncle from Conneticut .

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This is the same accident you have posted about on other boards Why pretend you just heard about it? Kind of strange

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If there was a civilization capable of traveling from one universe to another we would never know it.

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Agree, the Matthess interviews are excellent . I learn a great deal with each one. For the old guys the Kent Howerton one is a must.

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How ya Doing Bud.

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Oh shit! Mine was. 74 250 Pursang. What made it even more fun was the Clutch on those bikes reseted in 90 wt gear lube and had to get really warm before they worked So you had to get in neutral real quick

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Had to pull your bike behind your dads elcomino to start it so you could race on a shit track that had not seen water in 2 months?

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I have already commited to hanging with Jlaw.

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What color of goggles will you guys wear?

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No one who has met him likes Urban Not many like Sabin unless they they respect a GOAT. But me? I am loving my son of Sabin, Kirby Smart. Dude is just what the ancient University of Georgia needed . A winner who could give a shit if he hurts an alumni ... more »

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Why would someone ask a question they already know the answe to?

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Nerd owns the interweb. He is also one of the bravest dudes in the industry. He has paid a price for that but he would do it all over again. I have also witnessed him do one of the most compassionate things a man can do for someone he loved. Nerd was ... more »

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Thanks for the great pics and articles Heath. 522 who is racing with Furman in several of your pics was John Grant from Rome Georgia. He and Furman became pretty good friends while racing the Winter Am series in Florida. John was living in California ... more »

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Furman was only 16 when he won that trip to Anehiem I think. Bobby M rode the novice class at chicken licks raceway out west and thought he was fast untill he met your uncle.

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Better dead than red. Can't believe all of my old commie pinko poster toten dope smokin faggot brothers from days gone by bailed on this.

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John Adams Samuel Adams Josiah Bartlett Carter Braxton Charles Carroll Samuel Chase Abraham Clark George Clymer William Ellery William Floyd Benjamin Franklin Elbridge Gerry Button Gwinnett Lyman Hall John Hancock (presiding) Benjamin Harrison John Hart ... more »

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I do not think I have any of Brian but will let you know if I find some. Congrats to you both .

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Heath those are awesome pics and bring back so many great memories, thanks so much.
I was there at Towaliga MX the day your uncle won. It was a huge event and the winner of the pro class was going to win the trip to Anehiem. Furman had just turned sixteen and this was the first I had ever heard of him or seen him race.
There was a huge jump on the front straight and of course he was jumping further than anyone else. He was jumping so far that his handle bars would slip down in the clamps which would have scared the rest of us so bad that we would have quit, but not Furman. He would just yank on the bars and pull them back up with the throttle pegged the whole time!
Your Uncle Furman was not one of the best, he was the best of the best.
Find that mini for your son, it will bring you both many happy days in these tough times.
Larry Friday.

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Hey Larry, thank you and the others for having this on here. I showed it to Furman a little while back. He just smiled. I wanted him to join and reconnect, but I could always see the hurt in him from walking away. Anyways if you go to photos I have placed a few. Not sure of all the tracks and riders with him. Dave Crane called and said he would send more pics to me. Please check out pics and leave comment. Thanks Heath