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So I'm fixing to do a fair amount of work on my old 1992 YZ 250 and a concern that came up is with weather being all over the place in Missouri as well as just getting the bike running better, I want to mess with jetting. Problem is with jetting kits ... more »

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I got one for sale, don't necessarily want to get rid of it but could use the cash and I'm wanting a 90's CR. If you'd like we can possibly talk more about it.

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Got this jersey sitting in a box in my closet. Looks great but last I wore it, I ate complete shit when I rode off into a drop off in third gear.

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Good Point, that totally slipped my mind

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O'Neal would be ugly as hell. IMO they haven't made good decent looking gear since 2000 - 2002

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1992 Yammer Yz 250 Need to do a few things to it and hopefully ride Saturday (only get one Saturday off a month). I want to get some graphics and some other goodies and beef up the shock a little bit bc I've gotten fatter lol. I'd like to get ... more »
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I would want PC to go with Fox, nothing against Fly, but switching over to Fox seems more logical. I think that the combos would look better if they went to Fox but it's been a long run for THOR & PC, all the late 90's and early 00's PC teams were ... more »

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Yeah as said before it's a personal sponsor. RC did a commercial with Chevy recently featuring to new editions of the Chevy Colorado, and I think Chevy may have even made a RC edition Colorado.

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Awwww yeeeeeah ... more »
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Haven't really listened to too much SRV but the little bit I have heard is amazing, that dude can shred!

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I'm so ready to see Mookie back racing in Sx and Mx, so pumped he got on one of the best 250 teams.

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My Craigslist area has been dead recently at least for dirt bikes. A few decent bikes pop up but the price isn't right for the bike you'd be getting. People around here think they should be getting top dollar for blown up motors. It's crazy around here. ... more »

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MC and some other racers, 2 strokes, and like Stanton suggested on DMXS the other night a couple of races series. I can see it's pros and cons of a series so I'd love to see it happen but would understand if it just couldn't work.

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Gotta go with the old (only because I have a 92 YZ in my garage

i like the whole retro graphics on new bikes. I forgot where I saw it but it was a new Ktm with Chesterfield graphics and it looked suuuuuh-weet, wish I could find it though. ... more »
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Some awesome photos, you're one lucky guy. It makes me wonder what kinda stuff goes on "behind the scenes" that some people just won't tell the public.

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Vital's photoshop threads are an art form in itself

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I'd enjoy MvA Supercross more if I didn't feel like I slide into every corner, i feel like I can hardly rail turns in the game. Or that I have really any traction anywhere, like going up faces of jumps sometimes i'll slide right off the damn thing and ... more »

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I wake up in the morning check Vital and seen John Wayne's cameltoe, boy today is gonna be

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If they would of fired him Weston probably would of stomped their face into the ground that dude is one big badass congrats on the renewal WP, hope you have a great '16. Certainly been a lot of change for him in the past few years