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Didn't Carmichael just go undefeated and was winning everything on a CR250/450?

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No to mention a mechanical DNF

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Why is there a spring sticking out of the front number plate?

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Ya, I don't care what that dude says. At this point I think it's pretty clear Walker spooked him by saying "if this goes through, yamaha could take away your status as a YZ dealer" The biggest question, why was Walker ever involved?

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Go to Adventure Moto in Mckinney. Get the cartridge kit. Just got it done on my 250sx and it's amazing.

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Anyone have a link?

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Wow, what a clown show. For such a great sport and fun activity, it's truly sad it's ran by such a group of negligent buffoons. I agree with most on here. Time to kick the Coombs clan to the curb. Whatever good they've done for the sport is essentially ... more »

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Just got the cartridge kit put in my '19 250sx. Soooooo much better!

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I think it might go a lot like Barcia's debut at Glen Helen in '09. Holeshot, get out to a nice lead then the train of Jett, Hunter, Shimoda, Cooper catch him and pass him.

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And good dirt.

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Refreshing not to see 87 classes on a race order sheet.

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This thread inspired me to dust off the old 360 and fire up Reflex. From the footage I've seen on Legends, it seems the gold standard in MX games physics is still Reflex. The ruts, whips, rider movements, jumping. I noticed the new games the bike is ... more »

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That's odd. Why is the market for used 4 strokes so small? You should compare prices of a 2005 YZ 250 vs a 2005 YZF 450 then ask yourself why the two are so far apart on price.

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That is an extremely odd coincidence. I live in NRH now. Just looked y'all up on Google. My house is 1.2 miles from your shop...... weird lol.

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Dude, no. In my experience customers are mostly very understanding and willing to work with you. All they want is an acknowledgment and apology. Here's your first response: "Hello, Andy from Motojackrack just a big misunderstanding talked to Kyle all ... more »

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Good thing he made this thread on vital or he may never have got his carrier. Not saying I'm the best sales person but here's an example of a better response in hopes of customer retention/building a better reputation: "We completely dropped the ball ... more »

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Definitely need to put some unique and challenging obstacles/rhythms. For whatever reason they seem to think that means "let's go huge bro" (see Atlanta this year). One of the better races I remember was St. Louis 2009, Travis Pastrana designed the track ... more »

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Ya, that model is about dead. At least here in DFW. There were two shops I asked about a "racers discount" for running their stickers on the bike/truck. Was promptly met with "nah, we don't do any type of discounts" Luckily the shop I ride for (Adventure ... more »

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Neg me all you want but straight rhythm is played out imo. A legends "race" on smokers would be much better.