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I tried to buy a replacement stainless can for my FMF and was told no go but just go buy a complete fresh unit. On a used bike that's a tough sell. When I road raced and dealt with D& D, M4, Yosh after a crash you could always buy parts to keep going. ... more »

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Great thread...really cool bike. Me thinks your a little hard on the entire Moto industry being super shady douche bags but but I have met a couple that fit your description. Carry on and I'm following

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If your willing to travel to Fremont Dr Ting is one of the best for action sports people. He did an amazing job on my wrist and I traveled from San Diego knowing he's that good. With a complex joint like a wrist you want the best guy.

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Turned out fantastic and I actually like the black rims. Big time thanks for taking so much time to explain how you did certain steps and with pictures. Many people reading your thread have learned a thing or two as such..

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Dam that place looks incredible

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Bump for a sweet pipe that I wish fit my bike and golf clap to Rickyisms for hilarious reference.

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What is the Jersey- pant combo on the left and what size are gloves?

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I really appreciate the format of incremental mods and analysis.
Kinda surprised not more comments on this method.

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A buddy of mine bought a GPX and it while it "looked" cool was nothing but trouble. I ending up working on it alot . Ran ok when it ran but after a slew of internal problems he threw in the towel and bought a real bike.

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As an ex road racer and bicycle DH guy I don't think either one is really "safer". Road racing maybe a little bc most get offs are low side crashes where you slide off the track. That sport is now stupid expensive . Bicycle DH is pretty gnarly with lots ... more »

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Don't make it overly complicated with the xcw open chamber fork design. I would call up Enduro Engineering (EE) and talk their guy. They're in Michigan. If your trying to go full crazy and make an upgrade that you will carry over to other bikes then ... more »

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Bike speaks for itself but wow man the HRC mat is super sweet sitting under such a rad piece of hardware. Golf clap to you Tiddler

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Even packed it's spread out and very worth while. It's a mistake to not go once. Im a B rider and assure you the trails are legit for all skilll levels. I'm going back again this June.

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Southern woods riders is having a trail ride weekend end of the month at Loretta Lynn Ranch outside Nashville. Trails are really good. Highly recommend it regardless of skilll level. Bring a light for the poker run night ride .

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I thought the 300RR was the racing model ? And the bike had a carb, KYB fork and Sachs shock last year. Im looking to retire my old 09 300 xcw and am seriously considering a Beta but am confused about the models and specs. Didnt Johny Depp post something ... more »

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So no KYB fork like prior years?

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Ive tried most the big brands. Currently favoring TLD. Will say that how you wash your gear definitely affects the life you get out of it.